The best nutritious recipes to be tried at home

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Published: 17th May 2020
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There are several healthy and nutritious recipes that you can try at home for a mouthwatering fix!
When it comes to making literally a healthy recipe at home, you should do away with wrongful perceptions of the same as being bland and boring. There are several healthy recipes that you can quickly whip up at home and surprise your folks with a lip smacking treat! You should try the innovative Asparagus Pulao which will be a wonderful lunch item for you and your family. This meal is a healthy concoction of asparagus, green peas, capsicum and some veggies. Apart from a cup of peas and capsicum, you will need some asparagus and two cups of basmati rice in addition to ginger, garlic, onion, a single tablespoon of oil, cumin seeds, coconut milk, a bay leaf and two cups of water.
This is one of the most tasty yet healthy meals that you can cook at home. First, wash the basmati rice thoroughly for a period of 15 minutes and drain it thereafter. Then, heat the oil in a pan and get the cumin seeds spluttered while the sliced onions have to be sautéed next post. Garlic and ginger have to be added to this mixture. You should then add rice, bay leaf, coconut milk and water for cooking. Sauté the asparagus, peas and capsicum separately in another pan and you can mix the same into the cooked rice. When it comes to a healthy breakfast recipe, you can try a classic ham and cheese omelette. This will require some low fat cheddar cheese, eggs and finely chopped ham in addition to black pepper and salt.
You should definitely look to buy a healthy butter when it comes to classic recipes like these as butter has to be heated in a pan for cooking and setting the omlette. Nutralite is a great option in these cases and is a perfect table spread due to its lower cholesterol content and special MUFA and PUFA content which helps fight cholesterol in turn. Nutralite is completely free of hydrogenated fats and is considerably healthier in comparison to regular butter. Coming back to the recipe, you should cook the omlette thoroughly till the eggs have set but the omelette remains a little soft in the middle. You should then insert the ham and cheese into this centre and cook until the cheese has entirely melted. The omelette should then be cooked till the bottom is browned.

Shivani Shetty is an acclaimed nutritionist and health expert and offers advice on choosing the healthiest and best recipes and ingredients.

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