The blinds and the beautiful: different types of window blinds

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Your living room windows are parts of your home that can be enhanced using different treatments. Traditionally, homeowners use curtains to improve the look of their windows, apart from blocking the sunís rays. Modern homes, however, are better suited to window blinds. The following are the most common types of blinds youíll see in contemporary interiors:

Vertical blinds
These are the most common types of window blinds. They are ideal for tall windows, as well as for covering sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds hang down in adjustable panels controlled either by a string or a turn switch. Opening these blinds lets them hang perpendicular to the window, allowing light into the room. When closed, the blinds overlap one another to keep the light from coming in. Vertical blinds come in different widths and materials, ranging from aluminum to plastic.

Venetian blinds
Also called horizontal blinds, venetian blinds usually come in plastic, composites, or vinyl materials held together with cords. You can operate them with a pull string or turn switch. Most modern venetian blinds are also available in wood and faux wood. Wooden venetian blinds are perfect for adding elegance to any room.

Roller blinds
Roller blinds roll up out of the way. One popular variant of this type of blind is the blackout roller blind. They are suitable to bedrooms as they can block out the light and make the room dark enough for a comfortable nap. Custom roller blinds are usually decorated with paint or fabric, adding style and personality to any window.

Roman blinds
These blinds perths can add an elegant look to any window. They can be drawn up from the bottom using strings. When covering the window, the shade panel appears completely flat. Roman shades come in bamboo and woven fabric among other durable and stylish materials.

Panel blinds
Panel blinds are ideal for large windows or doors. They are also useful as room dividers or decorative panels in the bedroom. These panel blinds feature a natural and simple appearance, which make them suitable to homes with minimalist design.

Window blinds are excellent alternatives to fabric curtains. Apart from their stylish look, blinds are also easier to clean. If youíre looking for a practical and decorative window treatment, visit us and choose from our wide selection of custom blinds.

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