The Connection Between Marketing and Color Psychology and Visual Effects

Published: 08th May 2020
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Marketing and advertising has been an intensive area of research and study for nearly one hundred years. For decades, professional organizations as well as academia have turned their attention to business related research.

Since the most successful marketing campaigns connect with people emotionally, a certain knowledge of psychology is useful. You don't have to be a huge corporation or university, though, to become familiar with the latest research on marketing. If you want to find the most useful information, you have to be ready to dig below the surface and be open to thinking along

You can add more effectiveness to all of your sites if you learn more about the psychological aspects of marketing. Using colors strategically is one way to take advantage of this, and in this case you have to know how the genders react to different colors.

Of course, the colors you use will also depend on the type of reaction you want to elicit -excitement, calm, curiosity, etc. The colors you use should be consistent with the type of site you have and the products you are selling. Colors have been used in this way for many years by businesses, and this is carefully studied before an ad is created or a wall is painted.

Always make sure that your site is a good match for the products you're selling or the niche you are promoting.

Before choosing your site's theme, do your market research and determine if your audience is likely to be primarily male or female (or both). Still, you really should then match the overall theme according to what you are promoting. That may sound very basic and obvious to you, but there are enough sites on the net where it was clear that no thought was given to this consideration. You may want to look over other sites in your niche and see how successful they are at evoking the right kind of responses.

Make sure your copy is a good match for the overall design of your site, and always think about who you are talking to (e.g. men, women, age, etc.). If you only have one site this is fairly straightforward, but if you have several you may have to change your point of view for each site.

Large sites that are promoting a variety of products may require a different style on every page to create the right effect. A single niche might contain hundreds of products, and not all of them will affect people the same way. The more you consider these factors on your site, the more success you'll have at promoting your products.

People respond to various stimuli, from colors and designs to words and all of this can be useful to know about in marketing. To really succeed with niche marketing, you must learn how to connect with the people who are your best prospects. Your first step, then, is to identify exactly who your audience is going to be. It's also good to keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules. When it comes to marketing, you also have to be spontaneous and have a willingness to experiment.

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