The Cost of Running a Chest Freezer

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Published: 10th January 2017
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Chest feezers are a good invention don't understand me wrong, but they're rather costly to use. There's the apparent price of buying a freezer together with possibly getting somebody plainly and fit it.
However , that's only the beginning of the expense because the electricity to ensure a chest freezer running costs roughly £85 each year (presuming it uses 2 models each day at current rates) after which there's the hidden price of preserving your food inventory.

Just about everyone has kitchen areas filled with food whether it is stored inside your cupboards, fridge or freezer. I refer to this as ‘food inventory' because it is effectively just like inventory that the company would hold to handle its daily business. Clearly getting this food in the home has it's advantages as it's not necessary to pop to the businesses any time you fancy something to consume.

I estimate that ther's normally £100 of food within my freezer awaiting my family to consume. Which means that we also have £100 of our money committed to this food inventory, companies would refer to this as capital. If we're able to reduce the quantity of food within our freezer we'd have the ability to increase our cash flow.

In non-accounting terms this essentially implies that for each £1's price of food we wouldn't have saved in the home we are able to come with an extra £1 in the bank. Therefore if we're able to completely eliminate keeping any frozen food in the home choosing rather to buy it whenever we wanted it we'd also have an additional £100 staying in the bank, that could easily earn us an additional £5 each year in interest.

Additionally a lot of us have freezer contents incorporated within our insurance plans therefore we are having to pay for your too! Although it might not be proven being an additional premium it's an additional risk that you simply insurance provider is including within their information of the overall premium.
However sometimes you can engage in special deals or bulk purchasing discount rates. So now you ask , what amount of a price reduction must you justify the price of capital?

Chest Freezer EU Energy Ratings

Under EU legislation, every new chest freezer offered within the United kingdom need to have a energy label that provides its energy rating. Since July 2012, brand new models should have a rating from A+ toA+++. Merchants can continue to sell stocks of older models to still visit a or B ranked fridges or freezers store.

In case you bought a chest freezer before summer 2012 it might come with an A rating, and when it had been made before September 1999 it may be ranked everything from A to G, having a much greater energy use than is permitted today.

The brand new labels also show info on storage volume, frozen storage volume and noise level.

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