The Deadly Martial Arts Of The Five Kung Fu Animals

Published: 08th May 2020
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What is also referred to as the Kung Fu fist forms, the 5 animals of Kung Fu are some of the deadliest fighting styles ever developed. The 5 animal styles are the most well known and highly effective, but Kung Fu has other specific fist styles also. These styles are made after the animals from which they are named. Exactly how the ancient dragon moves and attacks became the basis for the style of the Dragon Claw. With this style, the enemy is controlled through grabbing and throwing by using an open hand technique. The Dragon Claw is extremely fast making it impossible to predict and defend against.

The Leopard Claw is also a fast style though it utilizes a half open fist. If someone is proficient and has a lot of power in the moves, the Leopard Claw could be fatal. The ridge of the hand is the ideal striking method, in which you fold your fingers in the direction of your palm, and the secondary striking method or backup is the palm. When it comes for the need to tear and grab, you can employ the Tiger Claw which is an open hand movement.

The Tiger Claw is the most popular of the 5 animals of Kung Fu and within Kung Fu itself. Its effectiveness in the grabbing and gripping involves digging the finger nails into the skin. The stylist making use of the Tiger Claw can certainly shred the skin off the bones, once the fingernails are embedded in the skin of the opponent. If you are able to master the Tiger Claw, then you have mastered one of the deadliest martial art styles on earth.

The attack of a snake in combat is what the Snake Head has a resemblance to. The Snake Head uses an open hand where the fingers are held together firmly and are completely extended. The softest areas of the enemy, which are the most vital, is where you attack using the tips of the fingers, which form a very hard surface. You must use both your hands concurrently for this style to be the most effective. The Crane Beak is one other style where the focus is on the most vital areas of the adversary. With this approach, the fingers are securely press together and the strike calls for using the base of the fingertips. If you want to be effective with this technique, you need to make your fingers strong.

If you are looking for a martial art that is for more than self-defense, you are going to find that in the 5 animal style of Kung Fu. Anything that comes your way, could be confronted with this famous and very lethal style of martial arts. If you learn how to execute each type, you're going to be prepared to meet any opponent, and defend yourself.

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