The First Chicken Ramen Menu in IPPUDO, the Best Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta

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Published: 04th June 2017
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For you who like Japanese cuisine, the opening restaurant in Pacific Place in the fifth floor is a pleasure. IPPUDO is one of the famous restaurants in the world. However, many are very concerned about the kosher food at IPPUDO. But you do not need to worry anymore. For the first time, IPPUDO management considered the Muslim communities in Indonesia. They launched ramen which the ingredient is 100% chickens, which means it kosher and can be consumed by the Muslim. It proves that IPPUDO is one of the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.

Historically, IPPUDO which was established in 1985 has never made a menu with 100% made from chicken. Therefore, it is very special for Indonesian to taste the delights of the IPPUDO menus. It is in accordance with the philosophy of its founder Shigemi Kawahara who stated to continuously innovate to remain true, then made two menus which made from 100% chicken as part of the latest innovation in the country where IPPUDO opened its branch. Chicken Ramen menu creation with 100% chicken based is certainly not easy. It can be seen from the quality of the ingredients and sauce used, which really made with high accuracy and attention to the authenticity of ramen menu. Finally, with several times of doing the analysis, they obtained a prescription that is deemed suitable with the tongue of Indonesian. It is a best formula and matches the original and authentic flavors of IPPUDO ramen itself. Then, the first IPPUDO Ramen Chicken Menu called "Shoyu Chicken Ramen" and "Spicy Chicken Ramen" is born. The recipe itself is made with fish sauce that makes a rich taste and chili that has always been a companion of Indonesian cuisine. In addition, they also made changes by replacing flavors and toppings of chicken soup which is more appropriate. The ingredients used are also highly specialized and qualified. It is starting from Shoyu Ramen noodles which are specially made in the kitchen of IPPUDO. The noodles made somewhat thinner and soup is a little. The soup broth was derived from whole chicken bones which are boiled over a very small fire within 10 hours. Then, added Narutomaki (fish balls) and Menma (processed bamboo sprout) to obtain a special flavor. For completeness, there is also chicken topping Chashu who first tied up and boiled so that it will obtain the tender chicken meat.

IPPUDO Ramen delivers high-quality ramen dishes. It is characterized by a strong effort to produce the right combination of soup, noodles, and other high-quality materials. This further proves that IPPUDO is the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta who is very concerned with their customers.

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