The functions of Internet Café for building cyber city

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Published: 06th February 2017
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The improvement of Information Communication Technology (ICT) is very fast now days, especially Internet. People can use Internet whenever they wish, 24 hours a day, seven days a week without stopping. People around the world enjoy using Internet, including people in Indonesia . We can access a lot of information and data from Internet. People can learn and find every think easily from search engine, as Google, MSN, yahoo and others. But people in Indonesia are not as lucky as others people in the world. Indonesia has Digital Divide problem, especially for rural people, because of lack infrastructure, high cost internet access and human resources problem.

Town people with enough education can access information easily compare with rural people with limited education, so that impact to economy improvement in their life. Town people tend to have better economy than rural people.
Indonesia Government is sure that Information Communication Technology(ICT) can help their people from poverty and gain better economy. The Government said that people can improve their talent and skill through getting much information and access many opportunities.
The Indonesia Government has been creating Master Plan and doing every think for recovery the Digital Divide problem, as building and improving Palapa Ring, making regulation, decrease cost Internet access through policy, Ringing Village, Internet go to village, Internet go to School, Sub District on line program and Government e services.
Although the user of Internet in Indonesia have not been booming yet, but it must improve for the future. See the data of the Internet user in Indonesia , 25 millions ( 10,5 % population ), with dominant user from teenager ( age between 15 - 19 years old ). They always use services as, email 59 %, search networking 58 %, source from Department of Communication and Information Indonesia )
Indonesia dreaming to build and improving Cyber City , have to solve the Digital Divide problem. Solving the problem is not only search engine 56 %, news on line 49 %, blog 36 %, on line game 35 %. ( Data Government responsibility only, but the private sector and stage holders participation is important also. The Regencies and Municipality also take a part in this problem, as creating mobile car with Internet facility visits rural village, building ICT with people participation, free hot spot, Telecenter in rural village and others.
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cafe sin cafeina, pionier, cafe soluble

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