The Growing Popularity Of Indi-Pop Mix In DJ Parties

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Published: 06th February 2017
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The popularity of DJs

In the last few years, DJs have become an integral part of any party or function that has some element of music in it. Be it weddings, anniversary parties or birthday bashes – DJs are entrusted with the ubiquitous job of entertaining people who are invited in those parties.
The phenomenon can be observed worldwide, both in the developed nations as well as the developing countries, with the former category displaying the dominance of DJs in occasions discussed above. There are many instances where famous DJs enjoying celebrity status are invited to the developing countries for performing in the dance and music festivals and they try their best to increase their fan base in the countries that are not native to them.
The raging debate

However, there has been a debate over the legitimacy of the way DJs perform. Most disk jockeys do not take the pain of composing their own tracks; rather, they rely on popular music chartbusters to serve the purpose of entertaining the public. They mix and distort some portions of the songs sung by popular singers and rockstars to the effect that two or more songs can be accommodated in a remixed version.
But this is perceived as lack of proper laws on part of the original singers, who complain regularly about the infringement of the copyright and intellectual property right laws due to silly loopholes in them. This is quite natural, as DJs are competing neck to neck with the conventional rockstars, who used to enjoy the lion’s share of their fans’ worship.

The Indi-Pop solution

To tackle the situation, DJs have adopted a very tricky measure that is extremely hard to be confined by laws. They are mixing and distorting songs and music from different countries and languages. The hotchpotch, if that is appropriate to say, cannot be dealt with by any single country’s law due to the diverse spread of the critical element of the tracks, and thus the DJs have been quite successful in mitigating the legal threats that they were facing.
Hollywood, that is the biggest name in the film and music industry, is being complemented by arguably the second biggest (biggest, according to many) film and movie powerhouse of the world, which is India’s Bollywood. In Bollywood movies and songs, Hindi is the predominant language of production of any artistic piece.

Also, due to the financial muscle of the growing Indian economy and the widespread presence of Indians in large numbers in all parts of the world, DJs are exploiting Bollywood music to the effect that it can complement their Hollywood counterpart in terms of content quality. The mixture has got the name Indi-Pop, signifying the components of Indian music and Pop music that belongs to the west.

Indi-Pop has emerged as a trend that is in high demand across the globe. Be it Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Singapore or the Jamaican islands – Indi-Pop has made a very strong impression on the cross-cultural societies of modern generation. In fact, it has become so popular, especially as dance numbers, that people who hire DJs for parties and weddings explicitly checks out whether the DJ has got some Indi-Pop tracks under his sleeve or not. The author has a personal experience which suggests that even the best DJ service in Melbourne, Australia, were made to play Indi-Pop songs on a party thrown by an Australian citizen of Indian origin, solely on the basis of in-promptu request made by the invited guests, who wanted to dance to the tune of Indian music after boozing a bit on the pool side!


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