The Krav Maga Method Of Self Defense: An Overview

Published: 08th May 2020
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The Krav Maga Method Of Self Defense: An Overview

Krav Maga is a martial art that started in Israel approximately 70 years ago. It has become extremely popular in the United States and other countries in recent times, mainly because of its focus on practical self defense tactics. Krav Maga isn't really for those who wish to learn martial arts for sports or meditation purposes, but strictly for self defense. In this article, we are going to be checking out what Krav Maga is, and whether it might be the perfect martial art for you.

Krav Maga has many different techniques, but one of the primary tactics it teaches is to defend and then strike right away afterwards. This is an important principle, as both defense and offense are crucial in battle situations. Many martial arts teach blocks, but these are not always enough if you don't follow them up with an offensive move. In many cases, your opponent will be much larger and stronger than you, so it's crucial to go on the offensive as soon as you've neutralized his attack. In Krav Maga, you learn to avoid an attack such as a strike or grab, and then act in response with a deadly maneuver of your own that will make the attacker powerless.

Besides learning moves, Krav Maga is focused on strategy too. The very first thing you will learn is to avoid trouble whenever you can. This simply means being extremely alert and sensitive to what's happening around you. If you know a certain place is not safe, just avoid it. If you are assaulted, you'll learn to respond in the most effective way possible. At times, this might mean using a weapon, which might be whatever happens to be handy. Given that Krav Maga isn't really teaching you martial arts for sports applications, it does not have conventional rules you must follow. The only objective is to endure the attack while defeating your opponent.

In case you are interested in studying Krav Maga, your best option is to find a qualified instructor locally. If you are not able to find classes in your area, try buying training videos or watch instructional videos over the internet. It is best if you search for a real instructor given that they can help you with the mental training. You can easily miss some key tactics if you only practice by watching videos or reading a manual. As Krav Maga gets to be more popular, it's getting a lot easier to look for instructors and schools in many areas.

For learning practical self defense strategies, there is probably nothing quite as good as Krav Maga. The methods are pragmatic enough that you can learn it in a short amount of time compared to other martial arts. Even though chief focus of Krav Maga is self defense, it is also an excellent way to exercise and stay fit.

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