The Largest Jigsaw Puzzles In The Universe

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Published: 08th May 2020
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The Largest Jigsaw Puzzles In The World
Did you think there was nothing larger than life? Because, if you did, then you were wrong. We are talking about jigsaw puzzles, of course, more precisely about the world's largest jigsaw puzzles. This world record holder used to be a jigsaw puzzle made by Educa, with no less than 24 000 pieces. Life, The Greatest Puzzle held the title for a long time, before Ravensburger came and took its place with a jigsaw puzzle that is even larger than Life.

Life, The Greatest Puzzle 24,000 Piece

Artist Keith Harring is the artist behind the image on this impressive puzzle that looks pretty easy to assemble but is actually a lot harder than you could ever dream of. With 32,256 pieces, this monster measures 214.2 x 75.6 inches and weighs more than 40 pounds, so you'd better hit the gym before even thinking about completing this amazing challenge.


In the box of Double Retrospect, the 2nd world's largest jigsaw puzzle contains 8 bags of pieces. In each of the bags you will find the corresponding pieces needed to assemble the 8 sets of 4 images that make the complete puzzle. While this might sound easy, it isn't and it can even get harder. You can empty the bags in the box and mix all the pieces together. But you should know that this could mean that only your grandchildren might be able to complete this titanic task. As easy as the images look, there are only six colors, plus black and white, on the image. If you add to that the 32,256 pieces, you'll get hundreds of lookalike pieces that will make your task more than impossible. Wildlife, is now the current record holder with over 33,600 pieces, it's a noteworthy challenge. The good thing about this particular type of impossible is, on the other hand, its attractive cost. At Puzzle Warehouse, the largest jigsaw puzzle store in the world, the world's largest jigsaw puzzle can be purchased at an incredible price. Educa has taken back the title for "World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge" with the brand new 33,600 piece jigsaw puzzle titled Wildlife. The highly detailed and colorful African wildlife work of art was created by artist Adrian Chesterman. From the artist: "Working on such a large scale and with a subject that I like was a very exciting challenge. I have done drawings of animals almost all my life and I love nature and wildlife. Therefore, drawing a gigantic scene with all these wonders of the animal kingdom was a great delight."

The assembled puzzle measures a whopping 225" x 62" when complete. That makes it 18.75 feet long and over 5 feet tall. Wildlife comes in special packaging - a wooden box on wheels, for easy handling and transport. The puzzle is divided up into 10 bags making it easier to do piecemeal.

Of course, this giant puzzle is covered by Educa's Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces system, a service that will send you pieces that have been lost or missing. See our Missing Pieces page for details on how to contact Educa.

"I mixed all of the pieces upon opening the box 5 months ago, early December 2014. Really a challenge grouping pieces. Also extremely challenging managing space. I am considering quitting but I would have wasted all of that time. I mean in many cases 8 hours a day. The picture provided is falling apart, splitting at the seams. No straight line patterns and there are breaks in the patterns so you can build only little groups. Verrrrry difficult.." - Matt

Wildlife and all the other large piece count jigsaw puzzles can be found at at the lowest price around ofcoarse.

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