The Lowdown on File Recovery

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Partial file corruption, botched data recovery attempts and virus attacks are factors that contribute to data loss. And data loss is worrisome to any computer user. A standard recovery procedure is to access the damaged files, be they Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint or other document format, and perform the necessary file repair to retrieve as much data as possible.

Most of the time, data file repair will only succeed if the document is not fully corrupted. Completely damaged data files (for example, complete overwriting of new data or unintentional shifting of data) have a lower probability of being recovered. Even for partial corruption, data file repair should be seen as the last measure, as the damaged files are the only source from which you can obtain specific information. Due to data integrity, email data is, for example, easier to repair than a corrupted database.

Not all file types can be fixed by automated utilities. Some like a corrupted picture file cannot, due to the lack of logic.

Email Recovery

In today's digital age, email is a crucial business communication tool. Email platforms often contain archived business agreements, matters and records. Yet many users will find backing email data up to be difficult as the emails differ in content and size. Some email attachments can cause the mail folder size to balloon up and exceed several gigabytes.

Retrieving lost or deleted large email files will go beyond the capability of commercial recovery software. Only with special in-house recovery techniques can they be recovered. Do not perform further work, lest it complicates recovery work. Sometimes, the data media itself has to be taken to aid recovery work.

Database Recovery
Database transactions now form the cornerstone of modern business operations. Partial logical corruption or media damage to the databases can hurt business operations.

Usually, database repair involves a "soft" fix. In a typical database repair, the relationship between tables and records must be scrutinised and understood first before carrying out any repair. This is to ensure that the repaired database will still remain functional. A wrong decision during the recovery process can lead to irreparable damage.

Recovery of Data files
Archive backups are slightly compressed, making them vulnerable to damage. But a repair can still recover the files. In cases where the files are corrupted after the data has been moved, the original data media is needed to restore and fix the corruption.

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