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Published: 06th February 2017
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Has clutter taken over your home in Lancaster, PA? When you do not have additional desk space for today's mail, keep running into furniture as you travel through your home or just can't stand looking at those overflowing shelves of books anymore, it might be time for a change.

Household clutter is stealthy. It invades our lives a little at a time so that we hardly register a problem. Until one day opening the closet door becomes a nightmare as things come flying down from the top shelf. However it is a well known fact that the amount of clutter in your house can determine your stress level. Lightening the load can be a wonderful tactic to turn over a new leaf. Now where do you start?

Start small. Make a list of the spaces with the most mess in your house. Start with the most cluttered space. Take a look at the room. What stuff doesn't belong? Give yourself 10 minutes and gather up stuff that doesn't need to be in that room and decide whether to move them in another place in the house or place them in a box to decide at a later date. After your 10 minute round, look over the room again. Does it look bigger, brighter and more open?

Next, assess the furniture in the space. Are there too many pieces? Is the furniture in the space too big? Consider removing unneeded furnishings and substituting smaller, more useful items. Can't bear to eliminate mom's intricate china closet or a special family trunk? You do not have to decide right away.

Look for a Lancaster storage company. You can often find good deals on storage units in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that can safely store excess furniture, seasonal decorations, outdoor furnishings and a whole lot more. Attempt this exercise for every room in your home over the next few weeks. Work on a single space each time and you will get a great jump on decluttering your home and feeling less stressed.

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