The Need For Scholarships In Higher Studies

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Published: 05th February 2017
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Education is the foundation to success, happiness, and health. It is due to education that we continue to grow and empower all segments of the society. Without education, we would never come out of anarchy and transform the world into what it is today. Education is a fundamental right and every person deserves to be educated in order to secure a future for himself and his family.
Sadly, with the economy taking bumps and with a large part of our society struggling to make ends meet, education is more like a privilege today. This is because with every year of education, the expenses begin to weigh most of us down and the cost of higher studies gets out of reach. This is one of the primary reasons why many students dropout even though they are gifted and show a promise of changing the world. Catering to this glaring problem, many universities offer scholarships today.
What Is A Scholarship?
A scholarship may simply be defined as a payment or grant given to a certain set of students for education. The students may be selected based on a wide range of parameters. Two of the most common types of scholarships are: merit-based and need-based.
Merit-based scholarships are given away to excellent or brilliant students based on the marks or percentage they receive in the qualifying examinations. Please bear in mind that every university has its own benchmark, which students wishing to avail scholarship must look into. Need-based scholarships are those, which are given away based on financial needs. Again, there are parameters that one has to qualify (such as low annual family income) in order to avail the benefit of these scholarships. Other types of scholarships include minority scholarships, scholarships for the disabled, sports scholarships, scholarships for ex-servicemen and/or military persons, and scholarships for siblings. The government may also offer scholarships. Often, if you have qualified for a government scholarship, you will not be eligible for a scholarship from the university.
It is recommended that you check with the university of preference in order to find out the exact details and whether you qualify for a scholarship. It is also advised that you look through the guidelines and rules because universities are very strict about the terms and conditions. Violations could get you rusticated immediately.
Tips While Applying For Scholarships:
1. Get in touch with the university and glean each and every detail.
2. Fill the application form neatly and with accurate information. Any errors could land you in trouble.
3. Keep the required documents ready.
4. Do not be dishonest.
Scholarships are a beautiful and thoughtful means of giving everyone an opportunity to study and to build a career. Financial status or condition should not be a barrier when it comes to studies and scholarships show that. This initiative has helped many students live their dreams and you can follow suit provided you follow everything to the dot and give your hundred percent to prove that you deserve the grant.
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