The next 10 years, poultry production scale accelerated consumption slowdown!

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Published: 06th February 2017
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The report predicts that the economic development has entered a new normal in the background, poultry industry to speed up transformation and upgrading will be the healthy development of industry and adapt to the new situation of demand-oriented important safeguard. The next 10 years, Chinese poultry production and consumption growth will gradually slow down, steady imports, poultry market will continue to maintain a balance between supply and demand pattern.
In recent years, affected by high production costs, overall consumption flat residents and other factors, the Chinese poultry industry has entered a period of adjustment. Yield decline for two consecutive years, is expected to remain basically stable recently, will restore long-term growth. Considering the past five years of rapid development of the whole industry, slow growth in consumer demand, the possibility of future expansion of production continues to decrease rapidly. Land, water scarcity, feed resources, high production costs but also to bring industrial expansion constraints. Reports that the next 10 years the average annual growth rate of poultry production will fall 1.9%, 1.5 percentage points lower than in the past 10 years.
The next 10 years, the poultry industry will accelerate the transformation of the mode of production, scale, standardization, specialization and intensification significantly increased. In 2013, more than 2,000 Chinese and scale slaughter broiler breeding ratio of more than 10 000 respectively 85.6% and 71.9%, more than 1 million of the rapid development of large-scale farming, the proportion reached 12%. Future, the proportion of large-scale chicken farming will further increase, will emerge more from raising chickens slaughtered integration of leading enterprises.

High value-added poultry production will increase. As living standards continue to improve, more diversified consumer demand, poultry processing industry has broad prospects for development. The foreseeable future will be more emphasis on meat and poultry businesses brand development, development of a variety of deep-processed products with high added value.
As the income level of urban and rural residents to improve and urbanization development, poultry consumption will continue to increase. In the long run, the new urban populations and rural residents increased consumption of poultry meat are the major potential. From the consumption structure, the future of chilled poultry and processed products will become mainstream consumer products. But subject to diversify food consumption demand, poultry consumption growth will be constrained, the possibility of Chinese poultry meat consumption over the next 10 years is unlikely. In general, over the next 10 years steadily increased poultry consumption, per capita consumption in 2024 is expected to reach 14.6 kilograms, an average annual increase of 1.3%, down 1.6 percentage points over the past 10 years the average annual growth rate.

The next 10 years, China will continue to steadily develop poultry trade. China's poultry trade is only about 500,000 tons, accounting for the proportion of global poultry trade is less than 5%. The next 10 years, China's poultry trade is expected to continue steady development, by 2024 the size of imports will remain within 60 million tons, exports may expand, especially in Central Asia export volume will increase slightly.

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