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Published: 05th December 2016
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Designing a website is easy, but realize ad HOC is something else! What are the elements that should always be on the homepage? The homepage of a website is considered to be the calling card of any business and it is the page with the increased visibility of the entire online platform. Once only homepage should simply be beautiful in terms of graphics and aesthetic, must know how to attract attention, intrigue you and encourage it to continue with this site. Communicate the purpose of the activity is essential, but we must also be able to give immediate answers to users' search, decreasing the CD "Bounce rate" (the bounce so hated by web masters and developers), through images (if emotional is better!), Communication and navigation paths effective.
I propose a list of some items, you might consider discounted, which should be present in a home, but that there are not always:

1. Unique Value Proposition:
For Unique Value Proposition means a sentence, a short message or a picture can communicate effectively the offer and the objectives of a web platform. A short presentation is necessary to inform users and, perhaps, contribute to the conversion of these into buyers (e.g. In e-commerce sites). And 'essential so that the message is clear, immediate and credible to prevent a user does not understand the true value of the proposal, or commercial information, you want to communicate.

2. Social buttons or widgets:
The buttons, or Social Widgets, are buttons that direct the reader directly on the website (Fb, Twitter, Google+, etc.) from which a post or article. The links to the profiles on social networks it can hardly fail within a homepage. If you use a platform Wordpress, for example, is very simple to insert a widget and social buttons, through which, the visitors of the website, will immediately become a fan, follow your post on the fan page Fb, Twitter and Co, read, post comments, and interact directly with you.

3. Descriptive images:
How could attract the attention of a user, if not with pictures, illustrations and Infographic's to describe the service you are offering? Be careful not to overdo it with the inclusion of graphic elements; it is important that they are balanced with the text to ensure that the user is too distracted and lose interest in the contents.

4. Navigation menu:
The menu is clear, intuitive and clearly visible.. Remember that the homepage is just the starting point of the navigation within the site.

5. Contacts:
The contacts must not be only in the footer (bottom of a web page), must also be inserted at the top of the Homepage! The contact section is very important for users are necessary to request information in a simple way, through a tab or form for the request for information; for the web platform instead, serves to increase the credibility of a website, and maybe, begin the process of selling.

6. Form of subscribing to the newsletter:
Insert a Form of Subscription to the newsletter is a great opportunity to increase the number of subscribers within your website
and increase the volume of your database. The majority of users will reach your website via the homepage that, for this reason, it is perfect for inserting this module.

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