The Pope's Magic Wand: The Key To Mass Marketing & Wealth Building

Published: 08th April 2015
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"Marketing is the key business and wealth building skill. Why? Because when you learn marketing you learn to think like another person with consciousness, precision, and dedication. Learning to think like other people is the key to creating value for others - which is the key to business success and ultimately wealth success"

-Eben Pagan, friend of mine that makes 25 mill a year (from his house)

For most of history, up until relatively recently, human beings held to the view that the sun revolved around the earth as opposed to the earth around the sun. They believed this for three obvious reasons:

It appeared that way, what with the sun popping up in one place and dropping down in another. We couldn't feel ourselves revolving. The guy with the fancy hat and magic wand over in Rome said so. His name was The Pope, and it was a VERY scary wand.

Then one day this guy named Galileo came along and was like, "You know what? Screw that wand. The earth revolves around the sun. " :

Well, The Pope, like myself, wasn't good with charts, so this just absolutely enraged both him and his wand. He ordered the "Devil's Diagram" to be burned at the stake along with a few other random people who weren't doing good at responding to some inquisitions that day.

"Darn it there went all my proof," said Galileo.

But The Pope's aversion to charts wasn't the only reason for his apparent over-reaction.

You see, there was actually another more subconciousy-type reason people at the time were so geocentrically inclined; the primitive humans of that day thought everything revolved around them. Hard to believe, I know! The planetary thing was just an external projection of their internal egocentrism. The earth was a symbol of man and the sun was a symbol of God. They personally identified with the earth.

The fact that we might not be the center of the universe was more than our pride could bear. So we invented a magical pope that would keep heretics like Galileo and Copernicus and anyone with a name even remotely as weird as those from disturbing us with such trivial and annoying concepts as "truth" and "reality." Problem solved.

Kind of.

You see, besides friendships, dating, religion, marriage, politics, team sports, and basically every other social aspect of life you can possibly think of, there is one key area where "me-o-centrism" does not work. And that area is business.

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself."

-Peter Drucker

Marketing is the heart of business. Just as the heart pumps blood and keeps life flowing through a body, marketing pumps money and keeps cash flowing through a company. It's the one part of business that just can't be outsourced. The reason for this is simple: all good marketers are smart enough to do it for themselves. I've yet to meet a single successful businessman who wasn't a masterful marketer.

I don't care what it is you want to do - whether it's network marketing, real estate investing, brick-and-mortar retailing, Internet marketing or dog walking - you need to be great at marketing. And being great at marketing requires you to get out of your own head, get into the heads of others, and just crawl all around in there. But I will just warn you in advance most people suck at this. I'm not sure why exactly. Part of it is laziness. Part of it is Hollywood's slow-but-steady march leading us deeper into the netherworld of narcissism, to the point where we are all we can see. But whatever the case WAKE UP. The secret to business success is forgetting about yourself, placing your consciousness squarely inside your customer's body, and saying, "now that I am my customer what do I want?" Then serve yourself something delicious.

You have got to get out of your head and develop hyper-awareness and powerful presence. Read the book Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Most people are social retards. Literally. They're completely unaware of other people's thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc., and they're stepping on social shoes everywhere they go.

"I'd rather be dead than cool."

- Kurt Cobain, 1967-1994

There's another word for social intelligence and being a masterful marketer. It's called being cool.

Cool people make the world go around. They get the girls, the money, the accolades, and the Escalades. They are marketing monsters. This is because they understand social dynamics, which is just another way of saying they know what makes people do what they do especially what makes them buy things. Then they present these things to them in a cool way.

So learn how to be cool. Galileo was cool as a mofo.

The pope?

Not so much.

I mean come on. There's a reason people aren't going to church anymore.

Bad marketing.


Preston Ely is a successful real estate investor, information marketer, serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, life coach, and philanthropist. He has also produced a dozen home study courses & membership sites on personal development, creative wealth building, & more.

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