The Real Truth About Religion

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Published: 04th December 2016
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The Truth Your Church Doesn't Want You To Know

In the beginning the worship of the sun was the religion of mankind. And it is no wonder. As primitive man gazed into the sky and contemplated his existence he soon reasoned that he could not survive without the life giving radiance of the sun. He would note how the sun and other celestial beings moved about in the sky, changing size and appearance, and even disappearing and reappearing at different intervals. To him they appeared to be living entities. 

Although the ancients incorporated many different understandings of god(s) and of celestial bodies the sun, the most majestic of all entities was beheld with awe, revered, adored and worshiped as the supreme deity. The lesser heavenly bodies, although also awe inspiring, were generally considered demigods and thought to be his goddesses, relatives, descendants, and adversaries. Thus was the genesis of religious mythology.

The ancients assumed that if the sun had the power to sustain life that it was also responsible for creating it, and was therefore worthy of their praise and adoration. It was to be besought and appeased for they surely did not want to incur the wrath of this most powerful deity. The Sun is the deity that was transformed over time into the "God" that many people still worship today. 

We must critically examine the evidence of the origin of religion, trace it's form and development in various cultures throughout history, and consider if religion is a concept that is necessary and practical for postmodern humanity. I believe that it is time for mankind to understand the truth about religion. I proclaim that it is time to leave belief in archaic myths and fables behind, and move forward creating an educated world of truth and enlightenment based upon scientific facts and reasonable experience.

Of special concern to our quest is the monotheistic Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as they are the most prevalent and their doctrines the most intolerant and destructive. Reaching back into history and extracting information from different cultures thousands of years ago is an onerous task. Obviously everyone is not going to decipher all the data in the same way. It is not incumbent upon us to agree upon all of the details. Although I believe that it is crucially important that we all arrive at the same basic conclusion. 

I realize that this is probably the most controversial of all subjects and it is not my intention to deliberately offend anyone. As an ex Christian and ordained minister I am sure some people were also offended by my fundamentalist teachings, of which I now repent. However, it was a result of my in depth study of religion that I came to my present understanding.

This is a very serious matter as it has a most profound impact on humanity. It begs to be debated and understood; even though it is a subject impossible to discuss without offending someone. I simply offer this information with the sincere hope that those who study it will come to understand the real truth about religion, and have the integrity and courage to accept it. Then you shall know the real truth and it will truly set you free.

David E Lee is a former ordained minister and founder and executive director of Victory House Ministries in Pensacola Florida. His blog "Real Truth About Religion" is located at:

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