The reasons for such wide acceptance of responsive web design

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Google comes up with various algorithmic changes and "Mobilegeddon" is the recent one. In this change, Google has stated that those websites, which are optimized for mobile viewing, will be positioned at the top of the search engine result pages at the time of searching through mobile devices. This simply indicates that the search engine giant is paying sincere attention to the mobile optimization of the websites.

You must be thinking about how to achieve that. Well, responsive web design is the impeccable solution to this requirement. This goes beyond saying that the utilization of mobile devices is increasing very rapidly and the expert's prediction is that, in the coming future, there will only be smart phones, tablets and other devices like this and desktops will become an extinct way of accessing internet. When there is too much acceptance of these devices, you ought to adapt such a design for your website that will be compatible for those devices.

If you are thinking of an effective web design for your website which would encourage an effective search engine optimization as well, you have think the way of responsive design. This will make your web pages adaptable with the various screen resolutions and the end result would be an impressive viewing experience for the visitors. The design is easy to accomplish and very effective for the ranking and perhaps, this is the reason, the designers prefer this design for the newly developed websites. Despite having so much importance, numbers of website owners are still reluctant to adapt the design for their website because; in their opinion, it is expensive than just creating a static website. Let's now get the advantages of this exclusive web design strategy explained.

The advantages of responsive web design
Maintain a single website: The foremost important fact is that you can maintain a single website for all types of devices. This is very important from the visitor's point of view and from the search engine's point of view as well. If you follow just a simple static design for your website, you need to create different website for various devices so that it can be accessed through them. In reality, this is very expensive and complicated to maintain as well. More so, presently, there is a large array of devices with different screen resolutions. It is not even affordable for many small business owners to entertain having all the different websites.

Search engine prefers responsive design: It is one of the most appreciated parts of this design that search engines prefer responsive design. There are adequate reasons behind that. If you create more than one website for the same business, there will be different URLs with same contents. This will really be complicated for the search engine to index and crawl the web pages. The direct impact of the same will be on the ranking of that website. On the contrary to this, responsive design helps to maintain a single website for all types of devices and thus, indexing of the web pages becomes convenient.

Better impacts with lesser expense: Maintenance cost of a website is also a concern for the owners. After achieving the rank on the search engines, you need to continue with the effective optimization and may also change the design of the website after regular interval. Now, if you have more than one websites, the expense will simply multiply. But, since responsive design allows maintaining a single website, you can cut down the expense of web design service and other maintenance cost.

Enhanced user experience: Finally, it is the developed user experience that increases the acceptance of this design. The users don't need to scroll the pages and they get the full and optimized visual of the web pages. This actually encourages the users to spend more time on your website.

All these effective changes to your website become possible with the help of CSS3 media queries. Media queries help the web page layout to adapt the size of the browser window and produce the perfect viewing experience to the visitors. These are some of the very common reasons of why this modern age design techno logy is so much appreciated by both the search engines and the website designers.

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