The Right Time to Re-Design Your Website

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Published: 10th January 2017
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Remember the day you got your website launched? After so many days of discussions, iterations, design and development, it would've been nothing short of a celebration when you went live. Website becomes the face of your company to the global audience as it reflects your vision and practices precisely. It's all fine and assertive for a certain period. But over the time, it becomes tricky when you don't update your website regularly. Updating your website design is as important as having it in the first place.

When we talk about updating your website, it is not just about the content in it but a lot more. Appealing User Interface/User Experience, attractive design strategy, dynamic content flow, latest platform, enhanced navigation ease: everything matters. To implement this all, you need to be sure when it is that your website needs a make over. With a few quick YES OR NO questions, let us explore the situations that indicate your website to take a checkup.

Q1: Have you made new changes to your business and added more services to be communicated to the customers?
A: YES, means its time for a new website design.
Maybe you have tweaked your business model. May be you have added a new product line. May be you have arrived at a core positioning idea. The more the changes you bring into your business, the quicker it has to be updated in your website for the world to see it. Failure to communicate your growthconstantly in a new look will run you into the risk of being outdated.

Q2: Is your website mobile friendly?
A: NO, means its time for a user-friendly website design.
Mobile is the next big thing. Of all the platforms that your website has to run on successfully, Mobile is the most important area to be tested and implemented. Half the world holds a mobile in their hand today. With a huge proportion of global traffic logging in from mobile everyday, it is important that you update your website in a mobile friendly way.

Q3: Are your competitors outranking you in the search engine results?
A: YES, means its time for an optimized website design.
Getting found is a critical factor online. With so many competitors catching up on your business with improved strategies and investment, it is not only important to stay ahead of them but also to compete with them in the search results too. Customers hardly go beyond the first page results. It is important that you optimize your site with a new website design that promises better results and visibility.

Q4: Is your site's navigation fast and responsive with appealing UI/UX?
A: NO, means its time for swift website design.
Easy navigation retains the customer than a slowly loading website from page to page. It is important that you redesign your site with lighter load to cruise through. User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) is all about how it works and feels rather than how it looks and operates.

Q5: Do you still call up to your web designer for every single change or content that you need to add in your website?
A: YES, means its time for smart website design.
An updated content management system in your website will allow you to make any changes from anywhere rather than depending on the web designer for every single thing.

Q6: Have you updated your website in the last five years?
A: NO, means its time for a change.
Technology, platform, design, customer needs and a lot more changes every now and then. It is important that your website takes a revamp on this regularly. An integrated approach is necessary to stay new. Otherwise, your business will go stale.

Q7: Does your website generate constant business leads and results?
A: NO, means its time for a transformative website design.
It is not just OK anymore to have a website that has static content. It has to be user-friendly, responsive, social media plugged, latest in technology and only then will it generate leads and results.

Q8: Is there a lack of excitement and enthusiasm in your company?
A: YES, means its high time you redesign your website.
It is surprising yet a true fact that an innovative website can change the mood of your team itself. When everything is on a fixed schedule and too much routine seem to spoil the play, a revamped website design can do wonders to the working climate. Reflecting the brand values in an appealing way does influence the working style too.

Just like your body's health needing a regular check to stay healthy, your website demands the same care and concern to ensure robust functioning and healthy results. At Designpluz creative agency, we make sure you get the right services at the right time, every time. With our in-house creative team, we offer SEO services, content management, social media management, design strategies and everything that your website requires to win over time. Reach out to us to discuss more. We love conversations.

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