The Top 3 Ways To Hear God Speak To You

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Published: 19th November 2016
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First, I would like to acknowledge that God actually does speak to people in audible voice. There are several incredible examples of this in your Bible.

For example, God audibly told Moses to guide the Jewish people from Egypt at the burning bush (Exodus 3:3-22). His voice was audible at Jesus' baptism (Matthew 3:17). His voice stopped the murderous Saul in his tracks and transformed him to a believer we know as Paul (Acts 9:1-9).

However, I think we all can agree that this is simply not God's common process in getting to us! And so, I've put together a more practical Top 3 list of how you can hear God speak to you...

#1: Reading Scripture

Did have you ever had a friend or relative tell you we don't actually read scripture, but rather, scripture reads us? If so, they're talking about the capability of scripture to talk to us while we are reading what is on the page. Let me provide you with a couple of examples.

First, think about a daily devotional that you may read. Consider that you have no real power over what verse is provided each day. Now contemplate you've been combating selfishness and today's devotional discusses Mark 9:35 (i.e., the last will be first). Can it be God's manner of talking to you?

Second, think about the parable of the the vine and the branches (John 15). You have likely heard this parable MANY times growing up as well as in adulthood. Today, when you read it, however, your eyes are opened to the fact you're not producing much fruit. Perhaps you realize your destructive attitude is affecting the kids in negative ways. You see them being selfish, using nasty speech, and rife with discontent. In reading this parable, you understand that it is your own negativity that is creating this environment... your kids are only picking it up!

Take into account that your time and energy getting read by the Bible (i.e., your Bible reading time) is a meaningful chance to hear God speak to you…

#2: Memory Verses

A second major technique God speaks to you is through the very scripture you may have memorized. Obviously, to ensure God speaks to you using this method, it requires a routine of memorizing scripture.

The effectiveness of memorized scripture often has little related to the moment in your life you choose to memorize it. Rather, its power tends to come when you find yourself in the instant of a strong need, a challenge, or even a temptation. It is in these times when that memory verse "pops" into your mind and basically GUIDES you through difficult times or choices.

Indeed, scripture memory is a POWERFUL way for you to hear God's voice talking to you...

#3: Other People

Another significant manner in which God talks to us is by using others. Keep in mind, we've got to have an open heart to receive His voice through others. Plus, their words have to be infused with wisdom and truth.

Let me provide you with an illustration. There was a time in my life when I struggled about a choice to find a new job. I prayed and prayed for a new position and suffered and suffered without one. I put a wide range of effort into finding new employment with no success. About 18 months into this period during my life, I started to contemplate that God had me right where He wanted me… with my current job.

I talked to my wife regarding my plausible conclusion. It was during that time which I believe God used my wife to steer me. In particular, my wife reminded me that our God is good, and from His goodness, He wants great goodness for us (Jeremiah 29:11).

Her words were empowering, and breathed new stamina into my quest for a new job. My search lasted another 6 months, but finally, God did bless me and my family with a new job.


While experiencing God audibly speak to us is not an option for most of us, you can do specific things to tune in. In particular, the disciplines of 1) reading the Bible and 2) memorizing scripture, and 3) listening for wisdom from others will guide you in His will.

Yet one more word of caution... Even David, who's well known for His above average "heart for God", underwent times in his life when he could not hear God's voice (see Psalms 22 and 38 for examples). If David had these moments, we ought to be expecting the same in our individual relationships with God. Be encouraged that deep intimacy will return as long as your pursuit of God is constant.

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