They Won’t Join You Because They Don’t Like What You Are Doing

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Published: 08th May 2020
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First of all lets talk a little about rather or not this is an industry that deserves our time. With a little research I think we will discover that this industry deserves mention.
§ Every week, more than 55,000 people in the United States alone sign up as network marketers – 150,000 per week worldwide.
§ In excess of 13 million people in the United States alone are distributors for network marketing companies; one in ten households have a direct seller.
§ Throughout the world, there are approximately 50 million network marketing distributors.
§ In the United States, sales in the network marketing industry are in the $30 billion range. Worldwide sales approach $90 billion.
§ The world leader in network marketing is the U.S. with Japan in close pursuit in the $20 to $30 billion range. Countries with at least $1 billion in sales include the U.K., Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Taiwan. Business is booming in the new frontiers as well: Eastern Europe, Russia and the People’s Republic of China. In fact, Amway in 2004 is headed for $2 billion in China, country only on the brink of formally allowing the reintroduction of network marketing.

Ok so I think it is clear that this is not just a thriving industry but a booming industry! In my opinion, coming from over 14 years of experience, people are attracted to this industry because it is full of promise and even though statistics show that very few percentage wise will ever become millionaires, it still produces more personal wealth for anyone that is willing to do the work than any other industry and its getting better at it.
So you’ve decided to join the ranks of online marketers determined to be the next millionaire in 6 months, but all you have to do is convince 3 people to believe in what you’re doing and for them to do the same thing right? Sounds simple enough, but I think that after you’ve been at it for a few months you may realize that most people that you know or it seems like everyone you talk to just does not want to join you in your perfect opportunity. “What’s wrong with them?” you may ask yourself. Don’t they want freedom from the punch clock, better health, and the rock star lifestyle? Here is the good news, If you get 3 that get 3 and teach them to successfully duplicate in the right program you will create wealth for yourself and yes those friends of yours and people you’ve been trying to recruit do want freedom from the punch clock and the financial worry free lifestyle but… are you ready for this?.... pay close attention and write this down because this is why it has not worked for you yet….. T H E Y D O N ‘ T L I K E T H E W O R K T H A T Y O U A R E D O I N G ! Let me clarify what I am trying to say here. It’s not that they don’t like your product, or your new amazing program, the reason they won’t join you is because they don’t like the fact that they are going to have to approach others like you just approached them. Listen, its deductive reasoning. If I go to one of my friends and tell them how great this program is and that he should join me, unless they like sales, they are going to say something like “I don’t like sales” or “I don’t want to join another pyramid scheme” or “I’m not good at sales”. You see, the mere fact that you are trying to convince someone to join you on a new venture expresses that they are going to have to do the same thing just like you are doing it and without saying a word, you have already expressed the first negative reason why they shouldn’t join you.
If your job is simply to sell product to hit a quota so you can get paid, its ok to bump your gums until you have sold what you need to sell, but if your goal is to build a team of people to move business volume and get rich, you must stop projecting activity that only seasoned sales people find palatable! To be a successful recruiter, you must express that the daily activity that creates success in your company is so simple and not time consuming that even a half trained monkey with a full time job can do it and that the work involved is not going to take them out of their comfort zone! MOST PEOPLE HATE SALES AND DON’T WANT TO SPEND THEIR EXTRA TIME SELLING TO THEIR FRIENDS AND HANDING OUT SAMPLES! Now don’t get me wrong. I believe the best health products in the world are distributed within the organized efforts of network marketing companies. I also believe that most of the world needs to know about what our industry has to offer even with pills, powders, and potions because I have personally witnessed amazing transformations and disease disappear within the lifestyles and products offered by mlm so I am not knocking the power of well formulated products offered by this amazing industry. What I am saying is that strong discipleship grows when the activity required to be successful is palatable by the everyday Joe and Jane.
Now that I’ve spent the last few paragraphs scolding you, are you ready for the great news? The great news is that you do not have to stop selling your lotions, potions, and pills. The great news is that there is a way to move enough volume to make you wealthy and you do not have to embarrass yourself or make your friends feel awkward turning you down. The great news is that there is a proper way to build your organization to where you don’t even have to step out your front door, pick up your phone, or post sales copy on your Facebook! The great news is you really don’t have to spend more than 15 minutes a day nor should you ever express that being successful with you in your program is going to take time investment of more than that! Let me leave you with this question. If all it took to create success with your current mlm in the next couple months was 15 minutes a day on your laptop, do you think more people would be capable of joining you?
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