Thought of Severe Environment

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Published: 28th November 2016
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As we all know, the environment is badly destroyed by heavy metal pollution recent centenary due to the reckless development of industry. The water is no longer clear, we have to drink these after disinfected, filtered. The air also smells stale all the time. There seems thick clouds floating upward the sky continuously. I even can't image how the posterity live in such strait, may even worse environment. Maybe just like the scene described in the science fiction movies. A little bit stupid but inspiring hope is always in my heart, that is image recovery nature and look forward to those beautiful sights still protected intact.

Beautiful Natural Landscape

This October I travelled to Fuzhou, there were so many beautiful sites, especially the Gushan Mountain, the animal zoo, San fang qi xiang.......
Gushan Mountain is located in the eastern suburbs of Fuzhou, north of Minjiang. It's about eight kilometers away from the downtown area, is the most famous scenic spot in Fuzhou. The elevation of the peak is 925 meters, there are numerous mountain sites, so beautiful and fascinating.
At the foot of the mountain so many people, cars, salesmen, so lively. Before you climb, you must store enough water and food. You know, climbing will cost so much of your energy. Now, after about 2000 stones, you will reach the site: Yongquan Temple. Which still keep the style of Mingqing Dynasties. There's a spiritual tooth relic pagoda of Sakyamuni Tathagata in the middle of Canon Hall, where's only three teeth and relic.
Of course, there are so many other natural sights, in all, when I reach the top, so tired, but well worth to overlook the entire sight of Fuzhou.

Puzzling relationship between human and animals

Several days later, I visited the animal zoo where exits 150 kinds (about 1000 numbers) animals, such as Golden Monkey, langurs, Asian elephant, alligator, tiger and so on. I am still shocked when missing the moment I saw the Amphibians and Reptiles, especially the gold python, crocodile. Just like to see the destined enemy, so afraid these cartilage reptiles. There were also some lovely animals, little Lambs and the rabbits. You could feed them with the vegetables, of course no free, you had to pay more.
If you were lucky enough, you could see the animals' action. They were trained, just like the professional actors. They just stood in a line, listening to the trainer's guides, and jumped through these circles in different sizes.
It looks so harmonious between human and animals, human normally think they give these animals mercy, so sadly, they never thought about the origins, the real places these animals are belong to. The fact is the human who destroyed their home. Great quantity were extinct in the past decades, and there are still hundreds of them endangered everyday. For living these animals have to go in to the small place, as zoon, or other investigative and protective bases human set. To meet people's strange psychology, they have to learn these action skills, even whipped if failed. Truly hope all of us can know their heart, for freedom and nature.

Impression on this travel

After the travel, I was deeply impressed by the magic nature, complex relationship between human and nature, animals. Travelling and seeing the sites can purify our minds, think about our action. Human are smart, they were just blinded of prosperity temporarily, they would find the mistake quickly and correct it. Because we can't image how human live without animals, beautiful nature, just human in the future. Let's insist to build harmonious relationship between human and nature, animals. It is also exactly what I have been pursuing.

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