Three secrets of proposal creation: special advice for beginners

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Published: 08th April 2015
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Starting your own business is very complicated and complex. It includes an endless to-do list and often a number of problems as well. One of the main problems a new freelancer or entrepreneur faces is the difficult task of finding new clients. One way to acquire new clients is to use bidding websites such as Elance, oDesk, Guru, and similar sites. When utilizing bidding websites, you have to create proposals in order to get new projects.

In this article, we would like to share with you three secrets of creating professional software project proposals.

1. Structure your proposal well!
The ideal software project proposal follows a very strict structure and includes the following sections:
a) General section
A software project proposal should begin with a description of the project along with a list of important requirements and possible risks. This section is important because the client will judge your solution based on this information. Make it your goal to illustrate that you are offering the most effective and suitable solution for the client.
b) Technical section
When completing the technical portion of the proposal, pay particular attention to the system architecture, breakdown of work scope, delivery schedule, and other additional details in this section. They should all be described very carefully in order to show that you are a competent professional in your particular field. In fact, the technical section should include as much detail as possible. In a software proposal, the technical part should make up the largest portion of your proposal.
c) Financial section
Do your best to avoid mistakes when calculating data for the financial section. In this section, you provide your client with budget details, terms and conditions, and payment options. Looking through this section, your client should see right away that your solution is the most cost-effective solution amongst competitors.
d) Additional information
Provide your client with information that supports your claims of being an expert in your field who offers top-quality products. Highlight projects that are similar to the one you are bidding for and where you have already implemented similar solutions. Include references in your proposal to give clients an idea of the type of solutions you are providing. This ensures that, ultimately, they will be satisfied with your solutions.

2. Divide up work responsibilities amongst your team! Three minds are better than one!
a) Administrator
An administrator manages work flows and team operations, distributes tasks and responsibilities, fills in all general information.
b) Tech analyst
A technical specialist is responsible for the technical section, more specifically all technical aspects, solutions, and technologies of the solution offered.
c) Sales manager
A sales specialist is responsible for the financial section. This includes accurate calculations, strict terms and conditions as well as other financial details.

3. Visualization is important!
Images are a key component of the communication processes with the client. Visualization helps you enter reliable and trustworthy negotiations with your client. Your client must feel assured that you are the best person for the project in question. Using images in the technical section of your proposal can be a creative way to convince the client believes that you are the best service provider around.

Do your best to make your proposal as unique as possible. Adding your logo as well as headers and footers will increase your chances of setting yourself and your offer apart from your competition. Personalize your proposal as much as possible. This will show your client that you do not merely copy and paste information for numerous proposals but rather that you pay special attention to each potential client.
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