Three-Day Potty Training

Published: 17th June 2015
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Three-day potty training may sound like a dream or a gimmick, doesn't it? The idea that your child can get comfortable with the potty, and learn how to use it in just three days may seem unbelievable. But believe it or not, it works! Just bear in mind that the course from introducing your child to the potty, and having him/her use it in just three days, will surely not run smooth. Be prepared for some balks along the road, and never be discouraged! Here are some ways on how to get your child all geared up, in just three days.

Are You & Your Child, Ready For The Training?

This is a very important thing to consider to make the training successful. As a parent, it requires you to be committed, focused, and dedicated. Aside from those, it also gives you the most crucial and difficult task, and that is to decide whether your child is ready for the training, or not.

As to your child, you can say that he/she is ready when he/she knows the basic terms used in potty training, such as wee, poop, and the likes. Also when he/she can comprehend and follow simple instructions like go to the potty, or to tell you when he/she needs to go. You can also say that your child is ready when he/she can stay dry for an hour or two, shows interest in using the bathroom, and is already aware of his/her body functions.

When you see that your child is ready, you should now prepare the things that you are going to use in the three-day potty training. You should purchase a potty chair, a reward so that you can give your child a treat when he/she accomplishes something, and of course, a game plan on how you will do things!

On The First Day

Have your child go naked! You have to spend the day taking turns watching your child, for signs that he/she needs to pee or poop. When he/she does, bring him/her to the nearest potty. For a better chance of having your child feel the need to pee, have him take salty snacks, or food with high water content, and drink a lot of liquid.

Surely, since it is just your child's first day on training, there will be a lot of accidents. Make sure not to overreact on those, for it might pressure your child and derail the whole process. But if your child accomplishes something, never forget to reward him/her, for that will keep him/her motivated!

On the Second Day

Continue what you have started in day one. You can spend an hour or two outside, in the afternoon, but wait until your child pees on his/her potty. You want to associate the potty with leaving the house, like if he/she uses it, he/she can go outside. This way, you are training your child to pee on command.

When you go out, do not make your child wear diapers or underwear, just a loose pants is enough. This works with your goal, which is to make it out and home accident-free, but make sure to bring extra clothes just in case an accident happens.

On The Third Day

Again, follow and continue what you did in day one and two, but on this day, you can go out in the morning and in the afternoon, even for just an hour. Don't forget to have your child pee in the potty before leaving.

After that, expect that your child will usually take himself to the potty when he/she feels the need to go, or tell you that he/she needs to do so. But to seal the deal, some follow-ups should be done. Like for the next three months, have your child go naked at home. Let him/her wear loose pants, and nothing underneath even when he/she is at school, or outside. After three months, with no or at least with fewer accidents, you can have your child wear underwear, and never go back to diapers!

When your child does not get the hang of using three day potty training, wait until six to eight weeks and try again. Bear in mind that using this quick-training method does not mean that your child will be perfectly potty trained in days. Instead, with this, success is most likely to happen, and you are in a good post.


Three-Day Potty Training Is Not Just a Dream! With The Right Approach And Mind Set, You Can See Your Child Using The Potty On His/Her Own! To Know More On How To Potty Train Your Child In Three Days, Click Here Now!

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