Tiffany Style Lamps: Glass Lamps for Creative Lighting

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Published: 17th August 2015
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If you want to create a specific ambience in your room, the two most important things are to choose the right furniture for the room and to go for the right lighting scheme. We often tend to belittle the importance of the latter, but lighting indeed is an essential element in creating mood and ambience.

You can generally choose from a variety of different light schemes, but if you are looking for flexibility and elegance, few articles can come as handy as glass table lamps. No matter whether you have a modern or a traditional style home, the glass lamps will be suitable to and look beautiful at all places.

You can choose the lamps from the lighting and hardware stores. There are also many online stores dealing in lighting accessories and offering a great variety of designs in lamps and other lighting articles.

The scale of the table lamp is an important thing to consider when you go shopping for one. You must keep in mind the size of the room and the table on which you are going to place the lamp on. The lamp should not be so big as to take up the most table space. Similarly, the light should not be too glaring or powerful for the room.

As for design, you have a wide range of different styles to choose from. There are clear glass models, or models with frosted, etched, colored, textured or stained glass works. Choose the model keeping in mind the general decor of your room.

When it comes to table lamps, little can beat the elegance of a Tiffany table lamp. Yet a Tiffany is expensive and if you are not too eager to burn a hole in your pocket by going for a genuine Tiffany, a way out is the Tiffany style lamps. There are manufacturers who make these lamps in the Tiffany style and normally the resemblances are so that no one but a specialist in lamp antiques can tell the difference.

Irrespective of the style you choose, you must also make sure that the lamp you have opted for will generate enough light to light up the area you choose it for. Things to consider are the shade designs, the lamp height, the type of bulb used, the opacity or transparency of the glass material, etc. The filling space of the lamp's light will depend on these different factors.

If you want flexibility in your lighting options, you must go for the lamps with three way sockets. This will allow you to control the intensity of the light according to requirement. Another option is to go for multiple bulb lamps. This way you can turn on and off one or more number of bulbs, as you see fit.

It is generally assumed that the glass lamps are brighter than the fabric shade lamps. However, this may not be true for the lamps which use stained glass material. If you want semi-dark or subdued lights, the above variety is a good option.

Also in case of the lamps with a dark or opaque glass shade, the light flows in an upwards and vertical direction instead of a horizontal and sideways direction. This is ideal if you want the lamp to light the side or the end table the lamp is on. However, in that case you will want additional light fixtures to illuminate the other parts of the room.

You can create many different effects in your room through the use of glass table lamps. A small lamp beside a corner sofa or between two chairs will create a nice nook for reading and conversation. Similarly, a lamp on the sofa table can be used for the creation of dramatic light. The possibilities are only immense once you set your imagination into play! For more information, click here glass lamp shades and tiffany style lamps

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