Tips & Tricks to Increase Online Bookings

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Published: 17th August 2015
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In the current economic climate, high competition and increasing trend towards internet becoming the supreme medium for booking trips, it is very important for any travel company to have strong online marketing strategies to make their online site and sales snap and pop.

According to New Media Trend Watch World, figures show that in 2008, on an average only one out of three trips was booked through travel agencies and in 2012 it was only one out of five. Same source says that online bookings will approximately double in the middle of 2011 and 2014.Today travel is the largest e-commerce category. Passengers are more likely to make the bookings online rather than going to the travel agents. Study shows that a typical travel shopper visits approximately 22 websites in multiple shopping sessions before booking his trip.

Here are few simple things you can do to increase online bookings and eventually your revenues.

Online Booking Engine: Research shows that 50 percent of the people search for hotel online actually converts the online booking. A good online booking engine is one of the most profitable sources to increase the online bookings.

Website: The website is your shop window so it should be an accurate reflection of the products offered. You should make sure the website of your business is unique and eye catching. To increase the traffic on your website you should research the target audience and modify your website according to them.

Engage Your Target Customers Regularly: Continue to use social media for the purpose of marketing your website and products to the target customers. Also put marketing efforts to steer the customers towards your online booking page. Every booking should be followed by thanking email or asking for feedback and also providing link of your social media pages like facebook and twitter.

Add Impact to Your Promotions with Hover Ads: It is very important to highlight the promotions as it catches eye of the customers. Research shows that adding hover ads to the website can increase sales by 162 percent.

Follow Up with Old Customers: Use the mailing list of the past customers for dedicated emails. They should be sent different promotional and special offers. Coupons and vouchers can also be shared with them which reminds the customer of your site while making the booking next time.

Add Images and Videos: Adding images and videos will attract customers and also helps them visualize the product. It helps customers to remember and compare the products on your website before making the booking. For instance you are selling trips so u can upload attractive images of the destination.

An Easy Payment Process: The payment process on the website should be smooth and easy. The most discouraging thing is when the final click to purchase does not go through for certain reason and customer has to select product and fill in all the information again.

Customer Service and Customer Loyalty Should be a Priority: You should make sure that your business executives are easily accessible for any questions. Tabs like call now or chat now on the website can help customers to reach you conveniently which help you to convert the sale there and then by clearing the doubts of the customers on the spot.

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