Tips for Your Next Golf Lesson

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Published: 17th August 2015
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It doesn't matter how well you play, everyone has room to improve our game. Some people however are guilty of holding back from pursuing professional golf lessons for fear that any guidance may influence our game in a manner that we're either not accustomed to, or perhaps not ready to handle adequately. If you're one of these suspicious types, it's an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone a lttle bit and give a lesson a shot. With the help of innovations in video and computer technology, golf lessons have come a long way recently. Pros depend on the power to utilize this technological innovation to demonstrate even the tiniest flaws, and ultimately allow us to enhance our techniques while getting rid of undesirable habits. Whether it's your golf swing technique, how you compress the golf ball, or your stance/address that requires work, a professional will use the feedback from your lesson to point out small improvements that can go a long way towards lowering your handicap.

Most golfers are able to get plenty of assistance with a short 30 minutes session. In this time frame, a pro can generally determine most, if not all, of the key issues effecting your swing. Remember that one lesson (even 2 or 3) on its own will not make you an exceptional golfer, but these little advancements will certainly bring about better play. Make certain to give yourself reasonable and accomplishable goals; don't try to fix your entire swing at once. The following are a handful of preparation suggestions and tips to present you with an idea of what you should expect from your first golf lesson:

Ask the professional ahead of your lesson what clubs to bring along. More than likely, they will ask you to bring a mid iron (5-6-7) and your driver. You typically don't have to bring your complete bag to a lesson, unless you're lesson is at the driving range and plan on practicing afterwards alone and independently, or perhaps playing a round. If at indoor facility like a PGA Superstore or Golfsmith, you could be able to use their demo clubs.

Golf lessons normally run about 30-60 minutes dependant upon the pro's schedule and how much you're willing to pay. The price range can go up and down dependant upon the professional, the facility, or the club/course where you're taking the lessons so always find out before you get started.

Dress as if you're venturing out the course. You don't need to go full "Rickie Fowler" with matching belts and hats, but stay away from the t-shirts and sneakers.

Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during your lesson and be prepared to focus and record (mentally or jotting down) all you learn.

You'll most likely be provided with a wealth of information at your lesson and it can possibly be hard to remember everything the professional taught you. For this reason it's imperative that you log your lessons by taking notes and in many cases capturing videos or pictures which you can refer to during later practice sessions. The lessons only run about 30-60 minutes depending on how much you pay. The costs range can fluctuate dependant upon the professional, the facility, and the club/course where you take the lessons.

Taking a professional golf lesson is among the best ways to properly improve your game so unless your freak of nature like Bubba Watson (who has never had a golf lesson in his life) we greatly suggest hiring pro that will optimize your game.

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