Tips of How to Find Long Tail Keywords for App Store Optimization

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Published: 06th February 2017
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There are more than one million apps in the App Store. What's more, on average, over two thousands new apps are published every day. we can notice that the competition of app becomes fiercer and fiercer. As an app developer, you must know how to use app store optimization to make your app could be easily found in app store.

As we all know that there are many factors of aso. The most important part is keywords. Keyword research is the act of researching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords to target and drive qualified users from app stores to your app. There are two parts of keywords: main keywords and long tail keywords. App maker usually emphasize the importance of main key words but ignore the long tail keywords.

Long tail keyword is simply a keyword that people are searching for, but isn't one of the most searched keywords. However, a long-tail keyword can still represent a significant number of searches and help boost apps downloads. It is difficult for app makers to create long tail keywords because they usually make a single word as the key word. However, long tail keywords usually will be multi words, which usually be searching for less time. Of course long tail keywords are less competitive. Long tail keywords could increase app store ranking if some searchers focus on these word. You can use keyword research tool to check the difficulty score of the keywords you are searching for, before you choose the long tail keywords that you decide to get for your app. You also need to separate long tail keywords with comma when you enter them, this will increase for the chance of words being found.

Do not need to focus too much on the number of competing apps. It is much better to estimate the competitive with the difficulty score, not all the apps are created equally. And of course, app makers need to use the intent long tail keywords. Intent long tail keyword can help your app could be easily found by target users and with less competitive. And it will do many thing useful for your aso services.

Here are some tools that can help you find long tail keywords. The auto-suggestion feature of Google search is a good choice. This is a handy feature from Google, which will allow you to easily find long-tail keywords in any niche. Google auto-populates keywords based on popularity. What you need to do is start typing your first keyword, and select the options from the auto-suggestion. This is a tool by Keyword Tool Dominator which actually takes the default feature of Google's auto-suggestion to the next level. You can easily find all auto-suggested keywords with this free tool. UberSuggest is a fantastic free long-tail keyword research tool. With UberSuggest you will not get important keyword details like keyword competition and search volume. Long Tail Pro is a paid tool, and it offers many features in addition to finding profitable long-tail keywords.

All the app makers could realize the importance of long tail keywords after reading this article. You should think about how to choose the better long tail keywords to your apps. You can search our website to get more additional information of app store optimization service. We will keep updating some ASO methods that can improve your app store rankings. Remember to pay close attention to our website.

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