Tips on Planning for a Body Paint Job

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Published: 25th April 2020
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As a make-up professional, you will on occasion be required to complete body paint jobs which could be used for a range of purposes such as special FX, editorial shoots, theatre and more. As these projects are rarer and require more technical skills, itís important that youíre prepared in order to satisfy clients and meet their requirements. Read our tips on how to plan for your body paint jobs for any brief or purpose.

Ensure you have the right training - Body paints often require different techniques and skills to your usual make-up jobs. If you are out of practice with body paints or have had no prior training, then you may wish to take on a professional training course that will give you the necessary skills and practice. Having a professional qualification will also help you to stand out from your competitors and undertake more work.

Invest in the right products - In order to carry out effective body paint jobs, you will need to have the right body paint kit to take with you. High quality products are important, as they are safer for the skin, longer lasting and easier to remove. Choosing products which are highly pigmented would mean that you use less product and create better effects. Itís also worth investing in a wider range of colours suitable for any type of brief and will enable you to create beautiful body art.
In your body paint kit you will also need to ensure that you have a selection of sponges, brushes and body paint removal solution to help you create different looks as well as for retouching your work when required.

Airbrushing - One of the best ways to apply paint is through using body paints for airbrush systems which allow you to apply the product evenly and smoothly, building up coverage to achieve some amazing effects for the camera and on stage. When choosing body paints for airbrush, it is important to buy paints which are designed to be used with airbrush applicators and ones which are recommended for use in the industry. You can choose an airbrush and body paints UK-based company which will offer you high quality products that are worth the investment.

Study your brief - Find out as much as you can about the job in order to make sure that you are fully prepared and have the right products to carry out whatís required. For more complicated projects you might even undertake a couple of practice runs. If you have any questions, ask them sooner rather than later, you donít want to look unprepared by showing up on the day and then finding out that you have the wrong kit or that youíre unsure how to go about the job.

When completing a job, youíll find that the better prepared you are, the calmer youíll be on the day and the better the results will be. Investing in the right body paint kit is important, and over time youíll get to know which products work best for you. Donít forget to keep a portfolio of your completed work to give you something to show to potential employers as well as a celebration of your creative and artistic work.

Radina Simeonova is associate author with the company Skin by Sterex - The global leader for professional make-up, body paint, makeup brushes set and also offering the services of make-up palette, cosmetics and accessories for personal and professional use.

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