Tips On Potty Training Boys

Published: 18th June 2015
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Potty training boys is a difficult task and is something that cannot be learned in just a snap. But no matter how hard it might be, as soon as your child learns how go to the potty alone, makes all the efforts and frustrations worth it.

To do the said training, you should consider some things. One would be the readiness of your child.

Is Your Boy Ready?

To be successful in potty training your boy, you should know when to start, and when your child is ready. Most of the time, children tend to be fit and mature enough for the training at the age of 1 year and 6 months, while for others, it may not be until they reach the age of 4. Regardless of the age, perfect timing is what this kind of training requires, because if you begin on the wrong time, it will surely derail the entire process.

How Will You Conduct The Training?

You could start potty training boys by buying a new potty, this will help him be more comfortable, for it is easier to use and is less intimidating than using a full-sized toilet. It can also be moved easily from one place to another, and is easy for your child to hop on and off, even without your help.

An alternative, though, may also be used and be effective. You could make a training seat which fits on your toilet seat, but make sure that it is secure, comfortable for your son, and should be attached firmly. You also need to provide him with a footstep or something to step on so that he can climb on and off the toilet seat easily, and stabilise himself while sitting on it.

Bear in mind that children are afraid of falling into the toilet, and if this happens, the anxiety that it might cause them can sometimes interfere with the success of the training.

If you are having a hard time in making your son sit on the potty, remember that toddlers learn by imitation, and letting him watch his dad, a relative or a good friend use the toilet surely helps. Your son may also notice the difference on how his dad uses the toilet from his mom. This allows you to explain to him the basic mechanics of how boys use a toilet. Though for the mean time, you can just get him used to sitting on the potty whether he wee's, or poo's. You can also use something to demonstrate to him how the potty is used, like his favourite stuffed toy, so he'll get more familiar to it.

When your child accomplishes something, never forget to appreciate those. Give your son a reward for that will keep him driven and enthusiastic with the training. But when accidents happen, do not scold your child, for it might traumatize him.

Say Goodbye To Nappies!

Since your son is being trained in the morning, you should have a game plan to test and train him in the evening. Once he wakes up with dry nappies, then that is a sign that he can already control himself, and is already used to weeing or peeing in the potty.

And before you know it, you are already saving a penny for there is no need for you to buy diapers, cleaning wipes, diaper creams, and the likes. It may also allow you to go out on trips, more often, since your kid is already potty trained.


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