Tips to Have the Best Mobile Restaurant Marketing

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Published: 04th June 2017
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There are a lot of businessmen who venture into the food industry and establish their own restaurant. Food is a necessity- as long as there are people who seek good food, there is a possibility that a restaurant can survive. But like any business, simply surviving is not a great goal to start with.

There are many restaurants that take it up a notch and excel not only in terms of food but also their marketing strategies. A top-notch marketing strategy for a restaurant is one part of the formula to become successful against other competitors. And Mobile Marketing is becoming a great tool for restaurants in achieving success.

Mobile Marketing utilizes mobile phones or gadgets in order to deliver promotions, information and other marketing strategies. Most, if not all, people have a mobile phone with them for many reasons. Many restaurants, big and small, tapped into this type of marketing and showed significant positive effect in their business. And if you have a restaurant or plan to have one, you might as well use mobile restaurant marketing for it.

There are several things you need to consider when applying mobile restaurant marketing. Like any marketing strategy, planning ahead is still the best thing to do in order to make all efforts effective. Here are great tips to have the best mobile restaurant marketing that you can use for your business:

Take Advantage of the Social Media

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, make sure that your presence in the social media is strong. Monitor your social media accounts and let your customers know of any new promos, menu, etc. Most people are hooked with social media so you might as well get your restaurant advertised in the most popular sites.

People nowadays tend to look for food online first rather than call or go to the mall or the exact restaurant they have in mind. Most of the time, customers access these social media sites with their mobile phones and gadgets because of its convenience. Provide customers with information through pictures, blogs and menus that they can instantly access in the social media sites.

Allowing your customers post and tag your restaurant in their social media account is also a must. Your restaurant gets free promotion from your customers while you provide them with food worth posting on their Instagram or Twitter page. Their posts will basically entice their friends and colleagues in trying your restaurant.

Don't Take the Power of SMS For Granted

Updating your customers through SMS or text messaging is faster and more efficient. Around 90% of SMS sent are read within 4-6 minutes of delivery according to a study done by Alert Solutions on September 2011. This means surveys, promos and contests held through SMS are most likely viewed and responded to by customers.

This is also cheaper compared to other strategies but can reach the maximum number of customers within or even beyond your area. This makes it an efficient way of sending information to customers if you are in a tight budget. The number of opened SMS also exceeds that of email. In a study made by Tatango in December 2010, email marketing open rate is 26.17% while SMS marketing gained 98% while having less costs with per message opened and sent.

Make Your Mobile Application User-Friendly

A working mobile application is not enough. Make sure that your mobile application for your restaurant is user-friendly so customers will use it more often. No matter how enticing your menu, promo or discounts are, it won't matter when your customers opt to get food from another restaurant just because they can't find the right button on your site.

Mobile-friendliness will certainly become a trend as Google upgraded its way in showing the ranks of websites last April 21, 2015. The leading search engine has changed its way in showing the ranks due to the type of traffic it has encountered for the past few years. In accordance to the study Google made, more searches are coming from mobile users. Taking advantage of this change by creating a mobile-friendly site for your customers will definitely put your restaurant on a higher rank.

Redesign Your Menu

Place better pictures, create better descriptions and an easy to read menu. Placing too much information on the menu won't help you customers decide which food to choose. Most of the time, too much information may also bore your customers. Get straight to the point while highlighting the best of your menu.

Placing unrealistic pictures will only mislead your customers' expectations. You don't want to have complaints on how much different the serving size and presentation looks like. You also need to keep your menu simple but organized to make it look neat. Again, too much information means cluttered words that is not appetizing at all.

Offers, Coupons, Discounts, Loyalty Programs!

Customers appreciate promos, coupons, discounts and loyalty programs. Knowing they can benefit from eating frequently in your restaurant will encourage them to frequent your restaurant. According to a study made by eMarketer, over 70% of mobile users will rely on mobile coupons, offers and discounts in order to have the best deals for their money's worth.

This, however, should not only be one of the reasons why your clients come back often. You should also bring effort to other factors so you can truly win customers' loyalty and trust. Coupons, offers and discounts can only assure you of a crowd for a short period of time. Loyal customers will stick with your restaurant and can be advocates of your business as well.

Reach Out to Food Bloggers

Customers look for restaurants with good reviews from food bloggers. Well-known food bloggers can create blogs that can make or break a restaurant. There are many respected food bloggers that make reviews for a restaurant and promotes them in their blog site and their social media accounts.

Invite food bloggers to try your food and write a review for your restaurant. Link their review to your mobile blog and let it work its magic to many customers. These bloggers will also take pictures of how your food is really presented to make sure that your customers really get what they see on your site.

Advertise on Other Mobile Applications

There are many other mobile applications that customers use very often beside social media apps. Advertising in these mobile applications can help you get noticed faster and more often by customers. This is very common for other businesses who wants to have more exposure through mobile marketing.

Samples of mobile apps that you can advertise on are chat applications that allow customers to send and receive calls and messages using only mobile data or Wi-Fi. WhatsApp and WeChat are great examples of this type of mobile application. WhatsApp have 800 million active users in April 2015 while WeChat has 549 million active users as of the most recent quarter of 2015 according to The Statistics Portal.

Gaming applications are also great samples of apps being used daily by potential customers. Even numerous adults engage on games using their mobile phones in a few hours a day. Since these apps are used daily, advertisements are noticed and have high possibility of being checked by customers.

Establishing a restaurant that can go head to head with larger and leading restaurants can be possible. Making sure that you have a top notch mobile marketing for your restaurant in addition to your great food selections and services can give you an edge from other restaurants. So if you have not explored mobile marketing yet, then better do it now and you will definitely see positive results in no time.

If you are looking for great mobile marketing that values the latest trends, OOJO is one of the best choices. Mobile Marketing are carefully studied and integrated in OOJO strategies to make sure your company can face larger companies head on. So if you want to have an edge on mobile marketing and be "in" with the latest trends, get in touch with OOJO now!

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