Tips To Run An Offshore Software Development Company Successfully

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Published: 10th January 2017
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In today's world of increasing globalization the number of companies having offshore outsourcing as a part of their business strategy is considerably increasing without any surprise. The main reason behind is that IT uses languages and skills that cut cross national as well as cultural barriers and it offers a good growth to the companies opting for this field.

The ultimate success of any business relies on the base of good customer service. A company that offers its services to the best of their customer satisfaction tends to win the confidence of their valuable customers by effective trust building apart from maintaining a good customer business relationship.

Likewise, to satisfy their customer expectations, a software development company needs to stay updated on all the emerging technologies and appropriate strategies to achieve the target on time, with in the budget to stay ahead in the highly competitive market.

This article discusses on some of the useful tips to deliver the projects on time and on budget for the successful running of an offshore software development company.

Understanding The Users' Needs:

Clear understanding to the needs of the users would help in deriving out the desired functionality that has to be built. The design details need to be worked out in advance before starting the coding, which could be updated from time to time to reduce the rate of failure projects.

Breaking Up Projects In To Modules:

Breaking up of the targets in to modules of a week or even shorter gives a better visibility and predictability to the projects. Some modules which are hard to break could be extended to a timeframe for 3 weeks. But such modules are harder to manage as feature creeps usually comes in to affect the deliverables on time.

Risky Modules To Be Implemented Early:

Modules that are suspected to have risky element in it have to be dealt with higher priority. This is because in case of failure of the project, the project fails at the earliest possible stage, without wasting the time, energy and the available resources.

Proper allocation of available resources:

Before starting up with a project in an Offshore Software Development Company , it is necessary to ensure that the company has the required resources to complete the proposed target. It is the responsibility of the management to afford the required resources to the people whom the project is assigned to perform it to the fullest satisfaction of the customer, else to take the curse.

Proper communication with the developers:

Offshore Software Developers are the developer is the one who writes the code for a project. He understands the complexities of the projects and decides how long will it take for a project to be completed. Therefore, fixing the timelines and deadlines with the knowledge of the developers could avoid complications from their end. Understanding to their issues in the accomplishment of the target assigned and resolving them fairly would make them to take up their commitments wholeheartedly and stay accountable for the pitfalls.

Resisting add-on features during implementation:

Customers do think of additional features that could be incorporated to the project every now and then, even at the time of implementation and testing of the project. This causes hassles to deliver the projects with in the fixed time frame. Hence, explaining to the customers about the increase in cost and time to incorporate the additional features is the only alternative for the smooth customer relationship.

Proper testing of the projects:

The test plan has to be formulated right at the developing phase of the project. It is critical to have knowledge on the project to be tested and the process of testing before starting the test plan. Making use of automated testing tools is highly advisable since these tools do testing more accurate and easier.

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