Top 10 reasons why choose Online bill payments

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Published: 17th May 2020
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Paying bills has always been a time taking part in our everyday lives. Either you are indebted to one creditor or another, may it be for electricity bills, gas bills,

mobile bill, loans, credit cards bills and the list goes on, its better to opt for online bill payments. The reasons to pay bills online are as many and varied as the

customers who choose to do it as per their convenience and time. To add to this there are multiple online payment options available for customers as well.

1. Each and every bill you pay online saves the cost of a stamp, envelope, petrol and above all your energy to travel from one bank to other.

2. Online account payments are posted within 24 hours. You need not mail payments in advance of the due dates. As long as a payment is made on or before the due date,

it will credit to the account without a late fee.

3. Multiple payments can be made multiple accounts without bring upon yourself any additional costs

4. Paying bills online is considered environmental friendly in today’s world where one must learn to be eco-friendly than receiving paper statements. You do not need

trees to create any online statements. So whether a customer chooses to pay electricity bill online or choose online mobile bill payment.

5. Online banking has the facility to create your own alerts to schedule automatic payments for electricity bills, gas bills, for all your payments that need to be paid on a regular basis. This eradicates the annoyance memorizing every due date for all bill payments

6. Online bill payments can be made any time at your convenience. If your working hours are opposite to the regular business hours of your service providers, it wouldhave been difficult to pay your bills. But, Paying online bills operate round the clock.

7. In order to pay your bills online you just need the Internet on your computer no matter where you are on the globe.

8. Online bill payment systems are very secure and use strong encryption technique to protect your bank account and other financial information. This reduces the

threat of identity theft and related frauds.

9. Easy consolidation and tracking of your payments at one place and at your convenience. Though all of these bells and whistles don't come for free but many people

find that it's a small price to pay for the convenience.

10. 24 hrs customer support to answer and help you resolve any queries or any difficulty you encounter while making transactions or after the transactions.

The author is a graduate from Napier Edinburgh University and a freelance content writer and Web Developer and believes in time is money and prefers Online bill payments.

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