Top-Rated Grand Canyon Excursions - 6 Suggestions That Will Help You Save Money

Published: 24th July 2015
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Traveling to the Grand Canyon? Prior to when you reserve that chopper, plane, coach or rafting tour, check out these 6 money-saving ideas I gathered together for you.

# 1 - Decide Where To Begin Your Tour

When headed out to the Grand Canyon for your vacation, you'll need to determine where your journey will begin. There are two main choices, Las Vegas and the South Rim. From Vegas, you can choose a South Rim or West Rim tour. If you will be in Arizona though, you will be closer to the South Rim. For Arizona, the key cities are Flagstaff, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, Tusayan, and Williams.

# 2 - Which Rim Are You Interested In?

The next thing you need to consider is which rim to see. There are two choices. The South Rim and the West Rim. All tours to the West Rim originate from Las Vegas since it is only 120 miles from there. The South Rim is in northern Arizona and is much farther away. This is the most common destination for those traveling from Arizona.

If you're not sure which rim to see, ask yourself why you want to see the Grand Canyon. Is the Skywalk something that you'd like to visit? Do you want to soak up beautiful views of nature? Do you want to see as much of the National Park as possible? There are different things to do at each rim, so figuring out what you want to do will narrow down where you should go.

# 3 - Buy Your Tour In Advance

Booking early is important. The canyon tours are very popular, so they fill up fast and sell out. That's why it is a good idea to book your tour at least one week in advance. And if you're going to take a Vegas tour, you should shoot for two weeks in advance. This is especially true for all the helicopter tours. In my experience, the best time to purchase a tour is right after you've secured your hotel room.

# 4 - Buy Your Tour Online

This is a good tip to know. I keep up with the latest trends for getting the best discounts on these tours. By far this is the best way to go about it. First, the best deals will come from the internet. You can get near wholesale rates because you can cut out the middleman. Plus, you'll get to cut out the booking fees.

# 5 - Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget in advance will help you to select the right tour for you. You'll have to pay the most for a helicopter tour, and the bus tours are the least expensive. The middle of the road tours are the airplane and rafting tours. Further, there are two kinds of air tours - ones that are air-only and ones that land at the top or bottom. Flights that land will only come from Las Vegas. Yes, the flight to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is full of thrills but the only way one can experience ithis is by flying a landing tour out of Las Vegas.

# 6 - Pay Attention To The Cancellation Policy

You don't want to skim over the cancellation policy. If you buy from a company other than the reputable ones I recommend, you may end up in trouble if you need to cancel your tour. Therefore, buying from a recommended company is a good idea because you will have peace of mind if you change your travel plans, since you'll be protected by a 48 hour money back cancellation policy.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully these tips will help you plan an exciting tour of the Grand Canyon filled with all kinds of fun things to do, at a price you can live with. No matter what tour you choose, you'll see beautiful scenic views you'll never forget.


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