Tornado Fuel Saver: The Power to Go!

Published: 17th November 2006
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Don't you wish you have more time and money to enjoy more out of life and travel freely to various places in a whim? Don't you wish you could just go further each time you go out and drive?

Sadly, with the way things are today, what you do with your money matters a lot. With so much focus given to this concern, there is less flexibility for you to do the things that you want.

Your time and money are precious to you. And with the constantly increasing gas prices, there would be times that you would probably think twice about going anywhere with your car. Add to that the poor mileage delivered by your ride and you end up driving simply for necessity: home to work and vice versa.

Thanks to 10 years of research and development, however, you may now drive to more places while saving some bucks!

It's quite likely that you already know what jet engines do and how the planes they power can take you to places faster and further than ever. The principle behind it is simple, the faster and more efficient the air is utilized, the more thrust the plane generates.

The Tornado Fuel Saver and its patented air-twister technology works for you and your automobile to go further in much the same way as a jet engine. Automobile engines operate through the reaction of fuel with oxidizers such as air, a process more commonly known as internal combustion. Therefore, the more readily the car's air intake is able to mix with fuel, the more efficient the rate of combustion. The Tornado Fuel Saver gives you the most efficient after-market tool that allows your engine to perform well and do just that.

The Tornado Fuel Saver's slotted fins convert normal air intake flow into a powerful vortex of air. This translates to a continuous and powerful passage of air around corners and bends, a spinning action that allows for a faster and more thorough mixture of fuel and air, resulting to better efficiency and increase in mileage of up to 24 percent more miles per gallon. And with up to 24 percent more miles per gallon, the Tornado Fuel Saver gives you the ability to get to more places to go further without paying for so much more.

Very affordable, durable and easy to install, the Tornado Fuel Saver won't take too much of your time and money. The Tornado Fuel Saver can be attached in as little as five minutes in both fuel-injection and carburetor-type automobiles. And it requires no maintenance at all! Simply purchase the product, fit it on to your automobile, and you're ready to go.

So go ahead. Drive freely. Go to the places you love. Tornado Fuel Saver will help get you there!

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