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Published: 17th August 2015
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Childhood memories are incomplete without toys. My eyes gleam every time I find a slight reference to the toys I've played with.

Here are a few toy references in popular culture that caught my eye.

LEGO - the Ninjago World and the 80s movie - the Beastmaster
The two famous ferrets ‘Kodo' and ‘Podo' first appeared in The Beastmaster (1982). They played fairly large parts in the film. We remember them as the sneaky little thieves. LEGO's Ninjago Battlefield's has a Ninjago Monastery. The monastery's has two main guards- Kodo Pandaheart and his brother Podo Pandaheart. They are both named after these ferrets from this 80s movie.

The Rubik's cube and "The Pursuit of Happyness"
How we heart Will Smith! If you loved him as a doting father to Christopher and you sobbed as and when he did, you will clearly get the reference I'm making. That moment when Chris makes a desperate attempt to impress the broker in the backseat of a cab? And well he does get it right.
Ernö Rubik's mad genius took the world by a storm. The Rubik's cube is an obsession of first order and a revolution in itself. The simple looking yet complex puzzle enhances logical thinking, mathematical abilities, motor skills, color comprehension and a host of other positives.

Give it up for Meek Mill and Monopoly
Meek Mill's, the famous hip-hop artiste quoted "Monopoly" in the lyrics of his famous song "Versace." The Monopoly's suggested reference points towards Mill's recent success in the music scenario. When on the verge of winning Monopoly one takes over the others and that's exactly what Meek Mill's talking about.

LEGO Star Wars saga
Had it not been for the genius of George Lucas, the world wouldn't have witnessed the Star Wars epic. Aren't we all fathomed by the plethora of Jedi and Yoda references? That's the beauty about these classics. They inculcate learning by way of story-telling.
Taking inspiration from the eponymous saga, LEGO created their series of StarWars. From buildable galaxies to the old republics, they have it all. These series not only help you to create, imagine and build but also develop life skills through these characters.

Fun Fact: Sheldon Cooper of the famous "Big-Bang Theory" fame is a hard-core StarWars fan and was a LEGO blocks builder as a kid.

Haven't we all played the famous board game "Ludo." And little do we know about this classic game that has been a worldwide hit for decades. Ludo's first inspiration came from the popular Indian mythology -Mahabharata. Aren't the images of Shakuni Mama playing in your head? Well, if they are, you got it right. The Mahabharata's version of Ludo is known as ‘Pachisi.'

Aqua and the Barbie
"I'm a Barbie girl, in my Barbie world" topped music charts worldwide after its immediate release. Even today Aqua is associated with this major hit. It immediately takes us back to the surreal Barbie's wonderland. Barbie dolls revolutionized the toy industry. These dolls help in enhancing your child's role-play experience. Play might be fun with these dolls but they also encourage the development of some really important life-skills.

Fun fact: Did you know that in Italy there are more Barbie dolls than there are Canadians in Canada?

Reconstructing Little Danny
Give it up for pup-love. The yelping Danny was a major part of my childhood. Here's an amazing creation by Artiste Peng Hung Chih who recreated "Little Danny," in 2001. The exhibit was made of 660 wind-up Little Danny dogs that start yapping and moving when you enter the room.
Watch close, you might just discover your own find. And don't forget to add to our list.

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