Traveling by Plane From Vegas to the Grand Canyon is Exciting and Cheap

Published: 24th July 2015
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Vegas is the place for excursions by plane to the Grand Canyon. Trips go to either the West Rim or the South Rim. To get the best trips at the cheapest price, check out this article.

First, it pays to know that Canyon airplanes depart from Las Vegas and Tusayan, the small town in Arizona that's just outside the gates of the National Park and home to Grand Canyon National Park Airport.

From Vegas, you are able to go to Grand Canyon West, which is just 120 miles from town, or Grand Canyon South, which lies 270 miles to the east and takes about 60 minutes to reach by plane. Tusayan tours only fly over the South Rim region, and none of the tours fly between the West and South Rims.

Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

From Vegas you can take an air or landing tour. Air tours basically go over all the key landmarks of the West Rim and come back to the town. Tours that land, on the other hand, do on the top of the Rim so you can explore.

Air tours are amazing and are best if you are short on time or don't want to spend much money. Both kinds of tours give you a bird's eye view of the massive Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

When you take a landing tour, you can upgrade and add on some exciting side trips. Some things you might want to do include a raft ride on the Colorado River, a helicopter descent to the canyon bottom, and a stroll on the glass Skywalk.

South Rim Plane Tours

You may be wondering if you can take a plane or chopper to the bottom of the canyon at the South Rim too. You cannot do that because it is prohibited by the National Park Service.

But don't let that prevent you from going to the South Rim. These plane tours take off every day from the airport in Tusayan and fly a 50-minute loop that goes to the eastern border of the park covering Imperial Point, Dragoon Corridor, Desert Watchtower, and much more since it covers 75% of the National Park.

Grand Canyon airplane tours are all-inclusive. Taxes, park fees, and fuel surcharges are already included in the price of the tour. The landing tours even offer lunch too. Be prepared for your trip. Be sure to carry your camera, extra water, snacks, and sun protection like sunglasses and a hat.

Booking Your Tour

Summer travel season is very busy at the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Buy your tickets ahead of time so your tour won't be sold out. Try to get them one to two weeks ahead if you can. This also ensures that you get the flight you want at a great price.

Also, book your tour online. You'll save a lot of money if you do. Buy your tour online before you call customer service for questions. That way the discount price you purchased it for is set in stone and can't be rolled back.

Summing Up

These tips should help you understand your Grand Canyon flight options. If you are looking for that ultimate flight, you've go to first decide from which city you'll fly from and to which Rim you will go. After you decide on a tour, head over to the company's website and make advance bookings for that particular flight. You'll get a great price for your tour and all you have to do after that is relax and enjoy an amazing experience!


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