Treating Acne Rosacea

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Published: 25th November 2014
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What Is Acne Rosacea?

Acne rosacea is NOT regular acne, although the two can share similar symptoms. With acne rosacea, facial redness and dilated facial blood vessels are present. The tell tale difference is the absence of blackheads. Acne like pustules and papules can be seen and alcohol, spicy foods, extreme temperatures and exposure to sunlight can worsen this condition.

This chronic skin condition affects men and women between the ages of 30-50. While the exact mechanisms behind this disease are not completely understood doctors do know that the sebaceous glands and blood vessels are involved.

Who gets Acne Rosacea?

Just like with regular acne, acne rosacea can not be cured. The good news is that it can be treated and controlled. Although both men and women suffer from this condition, it has been seen to be more prevalent with women and more severe with men. Acne rosacea must be treated as redness can persist, skin can become ruddier, bumps and pimples can develop and the nose can become misshapen due to excess tissue.

Doctors believe that acne rosacea may have a genetic component, with Northern and Eastern Europeans being the highest risk group. This is mainly due to their fair complexions which tend to blush easily.

Acne Rosacea In Darker Skin

Rosacea can occur in those with darker skin tones. This however is not as common and is often mistaken for regular acne or dermatitis. It is said that 4% of those diagnosed with this condition are of hispanic origin, 2.3% of Asian origin and 2% are African American.

Signs And Symptoms Of Acne Rosacea

Flushing and blushing in the face. This is the earliest sign of the disorder.
Dilated blood vessels on the face
Facial redness that won’t go away. This is the most common sign and can look like a sunburn that lingers.
Solid or pus filled acne like bumps and pimples develop. This can be accompanied with burning or stinging.
Eye irritation may be present
Facial swelling can occur

Acne rosacea always includes at least one of the following primary signs:
Persistent redness
Bumps and papules
Visible blood vessels

Common secondary signs and symptoms are:-
Eye irritation
Burning or stinging
Dry appearance
Skin thickening
Signs beyond the face

Conventional Treatment Options

Treatment should be tailored for the individual as signs and symptoms vary from person to person.
Oral antibiotics or topical antibiotics can be used to control the situation
Antibiotics work to quell the fire of inflammation and must be continued to maintain results
Lasers can be used to remove blood vessels and reduce facial redness
Lifestyle and environmental factors that worsen symptoms of patient must be identified and avoided.

Natural Treatment Options

A topical cream of 1% Chrysanthemum indicum may be applied to improve acne rosacea symptoms
A combination of milk thistle and MSM (methylsulfonymethane) applied topically in a placebo controlled study proved to be effective after a one month period
Niacinamide topicals are promising as a possible treatment solution. However more studies need to be done in order to confirm this.
A cream made with green tea may also be beneficial. Green tea is a natural anti inflammatory.

Living With Acne Rosacea

Cut down on the number of beauty products that you use. Aim for those that can multi task.
Always test a product before using. Place a small amount behind the ear or on the inner forearm. Only use a product when there are no reactions of any kind.
Only use fragrance free and allergy tested products.
Note down any unusual reactions as rosacea irritants will vary by individual
Use only luke warm water ( too hot or cold will aggravate rosacea symptoms)
Common irritants to look out for include:- alcohol, witch hazel, fragrance, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus oil

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