Turn Any PC into a Secure, Self-Service Kiosk

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Antamedia Kiosk is your one-stop solution for dedicated self-service kiosk computers. Running this program will allow you to lock down any computer and turn it into a secure kiosk displaying only your homepage or a specific program. Whether you offer a self-service photo printing kiosk or you run an Internet cafe, this fully customizable and versatile solution provides you with all of the tools and functionality that you need.

Securely Lock Down Public Computers and Kiosks

Antamedia Kiosk is a complete shell replacement utility meaning that it replaces the default Windows interface to display only your own app or website. In doing so, it completely blocks access to Windows Explorer, your drives, the desktop, Start menu or screen and standard browser menus. By securely locking down a public computer or dedicated kiosk machine, you'll be able to safeguard it against unauthorized system changes or malicious software installation.

The kiosk software runs in a limited user account which it creates and configures by itself. Providing an additional level of security, this makes it doubly hard for anyone to delete or even access important system files that are required for the computer to function correctly. To help keep your computers even safer, Antamedia Kiosk defines file and folder access rights, and it allows you to configure your own access rights for individual drives and folders on the system. Alternatively, you can simply prevent all access entirely.

All editions of Antamedia Kiosk also block access to system keys, so no one will be able to use things like the Ctrl Alt Del shortcut, the Windows key or any other keys or shortcuts that might compromise the security of the system. This feature is fully compatible with both 32- and 64-bit editions of Windows 7 and 8. Another useful security feature is the ability to hide or restrict access to system drives. This prevents people from tampering with file, but you can also choose to leave one or more drives or directories accessible. Customers will be able to save files if you want them to.

As a highly versatile solution designed to work for almost any type of business that requires a reliable, self-service kiosk, Antamedia Kiosk is extensively customizable. You can block all applications and program options or just a few specific ones. You can also disable various application functions, such as Open, Save As and Properties.

The perfect solution for offering free or paid Internet access to your customers or provide a range of other self-service facilities, Antamedia Kiosk comes with many useful additional features. Among these is password protection, secure Web browsing functions and a payment station allowing your customers to make payments. Whether you want a self-service checkout at a shop or just about any other type of kiosk computer, this solution provides everything that you need. It will also protect your customers' privacy by automatically emptying the browser cache as soon as the customer has logged out. Antamedia Kiosk is the ultimate kiosk software, even providing customizable themes, browser skins and branding options.

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