Turn back the clock with a traditional pig roast banquet

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Published: 08th April 2015
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A pig roast is just about the oldest forms of cooking available. If you look through history books and read in regards to the royal banquets you are assured to be met with paintings and sketches of scrumptious feasts that has a whole pig taking center stage down the middle of the long table. The popularity of roasted pig hasn't diminished. This is a proof of the succulent and flavoursome meat that is certainly achieved via cooking in this manner. However nowadays we more often see a pig roast cooked at festivals and outdoor garden parties.

Why not get in touch with your traditional side and host an old fashioned pig roast banquet? If you are intending on hosting a conference - whether it is a birthday party or simply a spontaneous party - you obviously wish it to be a success. You want to wow your invited guests with a fun filled occasion. You desire everybody to go home gushing about the amazing evening they have enjoyed. A themed party is an excellent way of achieving this. This makes your party stick out from the rest and generates excitement with regards to the forthcoming occasion.

The Tudors knew how to throw a feast
In order to truly execute your traditional pig roast banquet effectively you need to envisage how these events would have taken place many years ago. The best thing to do is cast your head back to the Tudor era. In fact, most people are familiar with Henry VIII and his six wives. Other than getting married, another thing the famous king liked to try and do was host elaborate banquets. You will be able to picture the well-known Tudor King laughing with all of his guests with a chalice of wine in one hand and a plate stuffed with delicious hearty and lavish food in front of him. This can be the type of vibe you will want to be trying to emulate.

Hire a pig roast
The very first thing you need to do when organising your traditional pig roast banquet is employ a catering company to take care of this aspect for you. Make sure you seek a business that specialises in hog roasts specifically. They need to have experience and all of the finest equipment to ensure the food is cooked to sheer perfection. How can you have a banquet fit for royalty if your food is not of any five star standard? In addition to this, you should make sure they provide all the trimmings too. Naturally, what is a feast with no likes of crackling and stuffing? Donít merely go for the first hog roast company you will find. You shouldnít underestimate how difficult cooking a total pig can be.

You have got to make sure that your choice of dining room decor transports individuals to Tudor times. Warm and rich colours were popular then and they were completed with opulent and lavish gold adornments. But donít worry; Iím not suggesting you break your budget in order to customise your dining-room. Stunning gold candles, deep red napkins, and plastic chalices provide you with the perfect way of giving your banquet the royal treatment.

Go into character
If you give your guests enough notice then this great idea is to build your traditional banquet party an expensive dress occasion at the same time. This adds more enjoyment and excitement towards the event. It gathers anticipation because your guests shall be looking for something suitable and funny to wear in the days building up to the banquet. And who wouldnít love the chance to be a king or queen during the day?

If you are looking for a unique party idea then you have definitely found it. All things considered, how many traditional pig roast banquets is it possible to say you have been to? Your invited guests are guaranteed to be impressed by the effort you have arrived at and your party is going to be full of giggles as you laugh at each other in your fancy dress costumes. Delicious food and loads of fun thrown on the mix too - isnít this what party is all about?

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