Turning Away Business

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Published: 19th November 2016
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I overheard an associate of mine, yet another property and casualty broker, tell a client on the telephone, "I don't have time to handle this, " when they were requesting a quote. Now, for the agents defense, the client had been asking for a quote for a mobile home, an extremely difficult to place risk in the state of Florida.

This is what drove me completely crazy, and the way it should have been dealt with.

Initial, when the agent declined to quote the risk, I'd personally never tell a client, We don't have time in your case. This results in a horrible flavor in the client's mouth, and it is completely offensive. What this agent needs to have done is actually collected the details, patiently wait a few hours and phone the client again and merely express they cannot offer a quote due to lack of available markets. I additionally differ with the dealing with of any client in this way (unless it's the simple fact of course). Nevertheless this can be the ‘something is better than nothing' saying which at the least the agent offered some attempt and homework, and maybe dealt with the prospect using a small amount of dignity.

I'm in the way of thinking that every individual that contacts this company ought to be afforded the time and also value that they ought to have. Agents don't realize who's on the other end of the telephone, and in the end may be shooting themselves in the foot simply by behaving in either of the ways previously mentioned.

I say this from experience.

I recall an incident where an older lady had just relocated to the region, and was buying a manufactured home... a thing many insurance agencies scoff at around here. Manufactured/mobile homes tend to be complicated to place, and generally end up with Citizens (the state company) for hardly any commission. Thinking as i do that every single client needs to be managed using the very same degree of respect, I contentedly collected this woman's details and proceeded to estimate the risk. As i had thought, the property had been put with the state system, and also little income had been made from writing in addition to servicing this policy. At this point, that was behind me. It had been slightly over 2 months afterwards when i received a call from a gentleman asking for insurance for their home, an extremely large home in an exceedingly wealthier location. Long story short, they ended up being the woman's child, who had purchased the elderly lady a place to retire in Florida. I wound up writing his personal account, which in turn had a worth over $40, 000, and his company insurance for at least the next year which amounted in excess of $130, 000 in premium. The meaning of the tale? Just like my mom used to tell me, never judge a book by its cover.

I recall growing up my mom often telling me a tale about my grandpa purchasing a vehicle. My grandpa had been a brilliant guy. So much so, he made Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy after merely four years of service, an nearly unheard of accomplishment. Well, that brilliant grandpa of mine had an enthusiasm for automobiles, and chose to start a Shell Service Station, as opposed to earning a living by working for the government. He'd frequently be coated in grease, and filth and dirt following a long day in the shop. Consequently at some point, he made the decision he needed a new vehicle. He visited a nearby Ford dealer, following another lengthy day in the shop, again coated in grease and filth. He had been barely introduced, as the sales person working the lot wouldn't offer him the time of day. Little did he realize that my grandpa had been really rather affluent because of his "filth." My grandpa, in a fury, journeyed next door and paid cash for a brand new Cadillac. His very first stop immediately after signing the sales documents? Down the street to the Ford dealership, in his fresh Cadillac, having a sold tag on it, tossing the Ford sales person the bird.

My point with all of this is: all of us never realize who we will come across each and every day. I've met multi-millionaires which didn't appear a level or two above a vagabond, and on the other hand, I've met individuals who dress like a Chief executive, and didn't have enough money in their bank account to purchase a loaf of bread.

Never appraise by primary opinions. Carry out your due diligence, and you should be rewarded.

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