Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Increased Water Efficiency

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Published: 20th November 2016
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In February 2013, the Carbon Trust launched the new Water Standard in the UK. The aim is to improve the measurement, management and reduction of water use. Whilst the initial focus is on large scale companies, more business throughout Britain will be encouraged to work towards achieving the Water Standard over the coming years. The plans are to encourage sign up to the Water Standard through a range of initiatives and penalties.
As an infinite resource, the demand for clean fresh water could exceed supplies in the next few decades. By monitoring water use in processes and working towards achieving optimum levels, businesses can help to preserve this natural resource. In addition to benefiting the environment and long term water supply, achieving efficiencies in water use could have many advantages for companies.
Many devices that help to monitor and maintain the level of water or other liquids are very low cost and easy to install. They can often be put into place and activated without the need for disruption to the process or downtime. In helping you to monitor liquid flow, these devices can be used as a preventative measure, to reduce the risk of flooding or equipment running dry.
An ultrasonic flow meter is an example of a water monitoring device. It can be used to detect the flow of liquid at different stages through a process. With regular monitoring, you can easily detect abnormal flow rates, which could suggest a blockage, leakage or other issue within the process. This enables checks to be made through the process and action to be taken to resolve the problem, so that more costly problems don't occur.
If your processes are reliant on a very specific balance of liquid flow, such as in the production of pharmaceuticals, there can be additional benefits to flow meters. In helping your company to maintain optimum levels, they can also be used as part of your quality control measures. Again this can save the costs, including those associated with wasted batches.
An ultrasonic flow meter can be attached to the outside of existing pipes, so they detect water without disrupting the flow. This also means that the device is in no way contaminating the liquid and makes installation a far less complicated process. It means that in addition to state of the art machinery, older equipment can also become more efficient in the use of water. Some flow meters are designed to be portable, so they can be moved to different points in your process with relative ease.
Data collected by the flow meter is shown on a display screen. Once ideal liquid flow is programmed in, it is easy to identify changes to these levels and take action that could prevent further issues in the process.
These simple devices are already widely used in a number of industrial applications including food and beverage production, sewage plants, pumping stations and various manufacturing processes. If your company is considering low cost options towards water efficiency measures, ultrasonic flow meters could provide a good value option.
With a slight adaption, an ultrasonic flow meter can also be used to monitor the flow of heat. This application also has environmental and cost benefits as it can reduce energy use and therefore lower energy bills. In keeping the temperature of an interior at optimum levels it helps everyone within that environment to feel comfortable.
As leading manufacturers of ultrasonic flow meters, Micronics has developed a range of options to best meet the needs of a variety of industries and applications. Our specialist engineers are happy to discuss your specific requirements and recommend the most suitable options available. We also provide a full installation and maintenance service if required.

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