Understanding the role of Back Care Products

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Published: 05th February 2017
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When we think back pain, not many of us think of products to help with the pain. We think of therapies and treatments and doctors. Of Course all of that is so important. But something that is missed and becomes a cause of recurrent back problems inspite of very effective therapies is a lack of knowledge about the use of Spine Care Products.

Supporting your back correctly through the day is critical to maintain improvements from therapy and compound them over a period of time. If you get pain relief from a great physio or acupuncture session and then come to the office and slouch in a 'not so comfortable chair', by evening you will feel back to square one or definitely not as great as you felt before.

You are told by your professionals take care of your posture, don't slouch, take a lot of breaks. How much of that do you implement? Back care products facilitate to achieve that posture correction through the day. They hold your spine in a 'Neutral Alignment' which simply means these products don't allow you to slouch very much serving as a protective aid.

Your life is life at home, at work, when you travel, when you sleep. Your back should be well supported through it all. You can't take care of your back at work and not when you sleep or take care of it when in town but serious neglect when you travel! This lack of care results in aggravations and episodes of back pain.

Instead of a steady progressing graph of improvement with regular therapy you have a sometimes progressing, sometimes regressing sort of graph which in the long term is not so great for your spine.

Conservative therapies like Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage etc will all give you much better results coupled with the use of carefully selected Spine Care products that you use everyday to improve your lifestyle.

It's a bit like changing your diet for weight loss or switching to natural cosmetics for a healthier skin. Switch to Ergonomic back friendly products to save your spine !

There is a whole range of general products that are helpful for most back conditions but often certain specific products are helpful in specific back conditions. From simple postural back ache to more painful conditions like spinal stenosis & herniated discs, a wide range of products help to maintain benefits of therapy & aid a faster, sustained recovery.

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