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Published: 06th February 2017
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SAN DIEGO, CA—June 20, 2015—Inspired by her relationship with her rescue dog, Renata Shustin has established Micha Doggy Wear, a fun, colorful and unique clothing line for dogs that incorporates elements from the tranquil beach and ocean environment where they live. The brand is also committed to giving back and contributes a portion of the proceeds to the shelter from which Micha was rescued.

Nearly five years ago, Renata, was in the midst of yearlong stint teaching English to children in South Korea when she began volunteering at a local animal sanctuary and met her beloved pup Micha. Born with a straight leg, the dog was relegated to the shelter from birth and continually passed over for adoption. Despite Micha's sad circumstances, the dog maintained a fun-loving and affectionate personality and bonded with Renata immediately.
The two returned to the states together and have spent the rest of their days enjoying a relaxed lifestyle in Ocean Beach, California.

Today, dog-lovers can get one of the Micha Doggy Wear designs for just $20.00 on the website at www.MichaDoggyWear.com. To learn more about the current collection or to make a purchase, visit the webpage: http://www.michadoggywear.com/collections/all

About Micha Doggy Wear:
Micha Doggy Wear is a pet clothing company that specializes in selling Californian and Hawaiian-themed dog clothes. The concept is to produce and sell fun, colorful pieces that bring happiness to dogs and owners alike.

For more information, visit the website: http://www.MichaDoggyWear.com

About BAPS:
Founded in 2008, the Busan Abandoned Pets Sanctuary aims to place as many dogs as possible in homes. The organization, located in South Korea, is committed to adhering to Western Standards for care and vaccinations. The quality of life of the animals they help is the most important focus.

For more information, visit: http://shindogs.org

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