Upper Crust Enterprises Panko. Authentically Japanese, Made in the USA.

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Published: 10th January 2017
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Upper Crust Enterprises unquestionably a US business and additionally our history is notably American. We are a company started in California created by the sons of Asian Japanese migrants.

Our own origins happen to be in post-war California. It was in fact 1955. As the war was soon concluded, Masashi Kawaguchi, a fruitful businessman and additionally Japanese-American internment survivor, founded Fishking Processors (Mrs. Friday's seafood company) and was soon using foreign Asian Japanese Panko to layer his shrimp and in addition Seafood items. Using dedication and even ingenuity, Mrs. Friday's Panko-coated shrimp and additionally sea food products came to be successful through the restaurant business. Demand for Mrs. Friday's shrimp products increased and in addition so did the business desires for the legitimate Japanese-style Panko.

During the early 1980's, our individual family set out creating Panko locally, making use of mostly Japanese-made devices and in addition providing our items in the legitimate, Asian Japanese method.

Word of mouth went out that traditional Panko just might be sold in the community and Mrs. Friday's jumped right into sales to trade. Demanding eating places liked the distinctively light - certainly not oily and succulent fried foods they might simply bring forth implementing our Panko and then consumers highly regarded the way we thoroughly followed original Japanese Panko creation procedures.

The Panko we make is certainly totally different and in addition finer due to the fact we knead and rise our own dough in different ways - slower and then prolonged when compared with other products. This excellent kneading and in addition to the rising procedure produces lots of tiny air spaces and so our individual food crumbs tend to be a great deal less dense in comparison with competing Panko. Actually being considerably less dense than many other Pankos, all of your fried foods are actually crisp and certainly not oily.

All the culinary chefs of which support each of our items like the actual plate display they are able to show with the help of it. Each long fiber within our own naturally dried breads retain their particular composition during the grinding period and the end result is actually an original, light & airy sliver shaped crumb. These kinds of sliver-formed crumbs make pieces appear to be more sizeable within the platter as well as provide ones fried foods a good, crisp yet not oily feel.

Lately, we still service generally the foodservice enterprise then we certainly have additionally created a prosperous overseas corporation shipping and delivering traditional Panko to over fifteen different international locations. In the USA, we are appreciating business with several non-Oriental dining establishments who go with Upper Crust Enterprises Panko mainly because it operates so well in a lot of "American" foods - from meatloaf and fish and chips.

In 2006 we officially became Upper Crust Enterprises, when Mrs. Friday's decided to merged with King & Prince Seafood and Gorton's. At that time, Masashi Kawaguchi's son, Gary Kawaguchi, who built the Panko plant and managed from inception, became our present CEO and owner.

Visit www.Uppercrustent.com to learn more about our company and products, view 120+ menu application ideas and watch our plant tour video to learn how authentic Panko is made.


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