Upvc fascia boards are the modern solution with minimum maintenance

Published: 17th November 2014
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Houses. We all need them but they really can be a major strain on your finances from the very first day that you set eyes on one. For a start, it costs a lot of money to even have a survey done to even assess if it is suitable for buying. And of course buying a house is often a process that runs into hundreds of thousands of pounds these days. And then the fun starts. Making sure that your property pride and joy is well maintained seems to be an ongoing process that lasts, well as long you are in the house really!

It is inevitable that any house of a certain age is going to need looking after, an when you are talking about houses that date back to the 30s and 40s like many do in the UK then that is even more likely, so what can you do to make things a little less of a nightmare and create a house that, in the long run, requires a little less maintenance? One very sound investment indeed is to get some Upvc fascia boards installed as these will prove to a great long term addition to any home.

You may have heard of Upvc fascia boards before and you will almost certainly have seen them as they are a feature of almost all new homes and are fast becoming a feature of many older homes too. And it all makes perfect sense because Upvc fascia boards have two really important benefits that simply cannot be overlooked.

Wooden fascia boards look very nice, of course. Well maintained, cleaned and painted fascia boards really enhance a property but there is the rub. Maintaining fascia boards is far from simple. Many of us are not comfortable with a trip up a tall ladder to maintain fascia boards, and that inevitably means that they are going to get neglected. Sad but true. So, you are left with fascia boards that are starting to look a little unloved to say the least. The paint will be splitting and peeling and they can soon start to look like an eyesore. But thats not all. Wooden fascia boards are, by their very nature, only to going to last so long without being well looked after. Wood can last for a long time but it needs to be treated right. Neglected it will chip, warp, rot and eventually crumble. Wood may look great but it is far from ideal as a fascia board. Upvc fascia boards on the other hand are just perfect for this particular job. For a start, Upvc fascia boards are tough and plastic based. That means that they are more than capable of doing the job that traditional wooden fascia boards did, and in fact offer a much stronger alternative. But what it also means is that they will not suffer the same fragility that comes with neglect. Unlike wood, Upvc wont warp or rot and woodworm certainly will not be a problem. In short, Upvc fascia boards offer the modern, longer lasting, fail proof solution that a house needs.

But what about maintenance? Well, choose the right style and colour and you really wont need to worry about that at all. Black or white Upvc fascia boards are going to maintain their colour for good. No painting needed and even cleaning is minimal. So, if you are fed up with maintaining or replacing your wooden fascia boards, check out getting the professionals in to give you some brand new Upvc fascia boards...and then you can forget all about them completely!

Upvc fascia boards really are one of the success stories when it comes to maintaining a great looking home but you still need a professional company to install them, so why not give the experienced team at Twinplas a call. They have been delivering professional results to customers for over 10 years. Find out more by going to the website today.

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