Use of Technology for Connecting With Clients

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Published: 04th December 2016
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In olden times, marketing or connecting with clients was accomplished by roaming door to door. In fact, that was absolutely not a bad idea! But don't you think it is little time consuming? What good marketers do is, they primarily try to build relations with the new people round. By doing this they may not even roam home to home for sale. Isn't it an astounding idea!
The door to door sell strategy may be old but the building contacts with casual conversation still apply. Luckily the things are getting easier day by day. Thanks to the technology!
Today, we are fathomless in the age of all things digital, and there's nothing that will stop real estate agents from applying old-school advice to new-school mobile and digital technologies. Here's how:
1. Tweeting person to person

Many real estate owners use twitter to hit their policies and strategies for their businesses. However, get past the initial intimidation factor and you'll be miles ahead of your competitors.

The twitter search function is very easy to use but at the same time it is completely underutilized online lead tool. On twitter you can search by putting a group of keywords that are to be searched and can go along with the search that suits you and your niche. Offer advices or suggestions and some helpful tips to the users on the board who are really advice seekers without expecting anything in return from them. Plan everyday tasks and give 15 minutes daily to accomplish these tasks.

2. Send Emails

Send emails to your existing contacts everyday. Make a point that is of importance to others whom who are mailing and let them discuss on the matter. Ask them to revert you back and stay in touch through mailing again and again. By doing this you will generate contacts more easily and these contacts may help you in converting them into prospects.

3. Explore yourself on Facebook

Get friendly with the people on facebook. Share your views and opinions with them. Facebook is one of the powerful medium through which you can broaden your thoughts and spread your views to as many people as you can in a fraction of time. "Like" local businesses from your local business page thus, letting others like your business page at the same time. If someone on the facebook has posted some delicious recipes that they themselves made, reply by commenting some appreciating words for them like- "it looks delicious" or something like that, which will show your interest towards their post.

When you network with other businesses and organizations, their friends and followers will see your comments on their pages. In response to it, they may revert you back by looking your profile details. These all interactions that are done on the facebook shows your activeness on the board or your interest towards any community.

I promise you that by just spending 30 minutes on these techniques of new technologies you may successfully be able to connect with your clients in a positive manner.

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