Using Windows on Home PC and Linux on Website Server

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Published: 03rd April 2015
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Linux is big operating system, with lot of options to configure different things, which most of the professionals treat as a big hassle. There are options, which a normal man may not use in his entire life time, but they are available. Most of them run the system with default configuration, which are built with extraneous capabilities for the products. Default configurations cannot be reliable and secure. Most of the installations prepared by the developers are built with minimal requirements in mind. We can say that “Security is Misnomer” with the default installation.

When lot of options is available with Linux, it means, learning Linux requires more sweat, than learning Windows. Knowledge is the key; Linux Professional knows more of the interior technology as compared to Windows Professional. Both the Linux and Windows professionals have different view of their Operating systems. When capabilities are more you need to learn more.

People do question, you know computer you can do this or do that, but are all the people are capable of doing everything in computers, of course not! If you are capable of installing the Operating system, you can be called System Administrator, but does the job is over with that. Well, as a System Administrator, you are asked to do more, to provide the maximum performance and security, which couldn’t be broken. The system must be working in every situation, so that work never gets halt. As a system administrator, you must be good learner, faster than anybody else, and must have good technical mind. Then, and only then, you can bring your system more convenient, faster and secure than anybody else.

If you are a researcher, then, you must choose, Linux as a operating system for your website resources. System Administrators are being asked to handle the most complex manipulations within the system. To help you lot of manuals are available with Linux.

Linux Administrator of Hosting Company

Lot is being asked from the Technical Support, as problems vary from customer to customer, you learn, from the Internet the answers of such problems. You keep on updating your knowledgebase with the every bit of knowledge you acquire while solving such problems. You might question, why you are Linux Administrator, not a Windows one, where everything is easy, you get every access automatically with Windows. If you are thinking such things, then you are Lousy Administrator.

When the Windows does everything for you, than as a Administrator, how you would know what is going on with the system, if the system is broken in, you would be left with questions only.

When you install and configure a Linux Operating system, then not much is required for basic use, which is most homes based PC’s require. But, when it comes to Server, you need to install the Network utilities, and need to configure the services and open the facilities required, as by default all the facilities are being disable to stop the undesired results. Doing configuration on Linux is bit cumbersome, need to do on command prompt, but it is quite admirable also, as you as an administrator is learning all the complexities of the system

Linux and Viruses

Most of the hosting companies, do say it is Linux, there is no such threat on our systems, it is secure. But, there is another face of coin; viruses do exists on Linux systems also, so as a system administrator you must be beware of Trojans.

Easy and Complexity Cannot exists simultaneously

With Linux all the facilities are closed at the initial setup and you need to open it one by one, to make the system usable, with Windows they come open and you need to close which are not required. Windows is now looking towards more security, losing the easiness and Linux is looking for more Home based customers, so, it is making it easier for use and losing the security.

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