UtechSmart Uranus Metal Base 16400 DPI Gaming Mouse

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Published: 06th February 2017
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I’ve reviewed a few UtechSmart products now and have generally been quite pleased with how they perform. I was actually really excited to review one of their less-complicated mice in their lineup, the UtechSmart Uranus Gaming Mouse, as it offered the same software and DPI capabilities of its big brother, the Venus, but had a simpler button layout. This is something that I almost miss from using my Mars gaming mouse, which had just two extra buttons, one on either side of the mouse.

The Uranus comes in the typical UtechSmart packaging with the little window to view the mouse in the packaging. It comes with a Uranus specific version of the mouse drivers and software, as well as the full 8-piece weight tuning kit that the Venus comes with.

Aesthetically, the Uranus is much simpler looking than the Venus. Where the Venus is clearly a gaming mouse, the Uranus is a little more discreet, given away by the lighting options more than the button layout. The Uranus also has a metal base - something that may not be necessary due to the 3M Teflon pads that stick to the bottom anyway (included in the box), but it does give the mouse a nice weight. It uses the same matte finish black plastic that’s found on the other UtechSmart mice. I prefer this finish over the vacuum seal finish, but it does tend to make my palms sweat. The Uranus also has the standard UtechSmart gold-plated, braided USB cord; a detail I absolutely love.

Functionally, the mouse works very similarly to the Venus, and is programmed via the software in very similar ways. You still have full 16 million color light options, with adjustable breathe rates. You still get several profiles to swap between, and the ability to customize how each of the buttons work. This is a feature I’ve only recently taken advantage of, but it works rather well. The software allows for easy manipulation of the buttons so they can be reprogrammed to operate like any selected key on the keyboard, or you program functions like “Copy” and “Save”. This is a nice feature that opens up the UtechSmart line of mice to be used in non-gaming settings.

However, as much as I wanted to love the Uranus, after using it for several weeks, I’ve swapped it back out for my Venus mouse. It’s not that the Uranus is a bad mouse – like I mentioned, it functions almost identically to the Venus. But the button layout that I thought I’d love just doesn’t seem to work well for me. The first issue I have is reaching all the buttons. While I’ve never been able to reach the bottom row of buttons on the Venus number pad, the arc of Uranus buttons along the thumb side of the mouse are really quite a stretch. The first two are easily accessible, but the other three prove difficult for me to reach, causing me to give up on programming them. I should add that I have an average to small sized male hand, so someone with longer fingers or a larger hand may have better luck than me. The second, and rather more annoying issue, is the location of the DPI switches. There are four buttons around the scroll wheel – the two on the left adjust the report rate and two on the right adjust DPI. I tend to bump the buttons with the sides of my fingers while clicking the main mouse buttons. A minor problem, but it proves rather annoying when my mouse speed changes unexpectedly.

Overall, the Uranus is a quality mouse, and offers an incredible amount of customization for a product in this price range. However, it’s inconveniently placed buttons make it difficult to use and take away from the ‘cool’ features.

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