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Published: 06th February 2017
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Has disorder started to dominate your home in Lancaster, PA? When you don't have anymore space on your desk for your current mail, continue to run into things as you travel from room to room or simply can not bear to look at those cluttered shelves of books anymore, it might be time to conquer clutter.

Clutter is stealthy. It invades our homes slowly over time so that we hardly register a problem. Until one day opening a closet becomes a nightmare as things come tumbling off the top shelf. But it is a well known fact that the amount of clutter in your home is a good measure of how frustrated you feel. Getting rid of clutter can be a wonderful tactic to turn over a new leaf. So how do you start?

Start small. List the rooms with the most clutter in your house. Start with the most cluttered room. Take a look at the room. What does not fit in there? Take a half hour and round up stuff that does not have to be in that space and decide whether to put them where they belong or put them in a box to decide at a later date. Once you finish your half hour clean up, assess the space again. Does the space look larger, cleaner and more open?

Second, look over the furniture in the space. Are there too many items? Are the items in the space too large? Think about moving excess furnishings and substituting scaled back items. Don't want to part with mom's fine buffet or a special family chest? Don't figure it out right away.

Find a company that provides self storage in Lancaster. You might find modestly priced storage facilities near Lancaster, Pennsylvania that can safely store excess furnishings, holiday decor items, outdoor furnishings and a whole lot more. Try this procedure for every room in your house in the coming weeks. Work on a single space each time and you will be well on your way to getting rid of clutter and easing your stress.

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